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I've talked about my friend Charlie a couple times and said how it all started with him and my wife sucking his **** at first and then added ******* to the scene. From there it escalated and we went into swinging with MMF's and MMFMF's.  After that it was an 'open' marriage for a while which I enjoyed a lot as did she.  She never cared to hear about my exploits (jealous) whereas I eagerly listened to hers as it always turned me on. She finally gave up on the open marriage thing with a request that we have fun together as she missed me being with her.  She was "willing to do anything" that would make us happy (as was I with her).  I had succeeded not only in making her a sex slave which she liked a lot but turned her into a slave for sex, an addict, and there is a difference. She did say she really liked being used the most and really liked multiple partners and being watched and that her best times were when we both planned activities or I surprised her (although she said she really enjoyed all the things she'd experienced).

So we ended up back with the groupie thing, that is MMF's and added MMMF's  and more and we played that way from then on. If she wasn't watching who was ******* in her she would be in eye contact with me. She loved the pleasure and I loved pleasuring her and we've had an awful lot of fun times since.  A couple swinger friends used to come over and we would play cards.  She would play too sometimes but most often was under the table playing with and sucking every ones' **** while she patiently waited until the game was over (by the way, hardly ever more than an hour...too interested in her) and then we all took her to bed and played with her.  This became a bit of a routine after a while and happened quite regularly and went on for some time.  One of my favorites was with her bouncing on my **** (while I lay there), a **** in each hand and one standing over me using her chin as a ball rest while she hungrily sucked his ****.  We both got much of what we desired, she got ***** and *** and I had the pleasure of watching and participating not to mention she was mine...

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The stories are great

Glad you enjoyed the story. We're married 40 yrs this yr and she's still sexy as ever. Can't get enuf of her.

yes she was and was loving every inch every way she could

She was getting a lot of **** at a time.

Minimum 3 times a month with all four of the guys, sometimes more. Depended on the guys moods and if they could get away some of the time. Quite a bit more often with at least one or two at a time. We were very active for a long time.

Just how often did this regular card playing take place

Going back to basics gives it perpective of where it all started and how less complicated it was or still is. Anyway, love all of your stories, so keep it going. Thanks for sharing.