Poker Bet

We used to play poker on Fridays (for change) with several of our friends pretty regularly. This time everyone had cancelled except our friend M. He is the friend we had tried our ********* with and many months had passed since then. My wife had told me that even though she enjoyed the mfm she was not interested in doing it again.

So the three of us went ahead and played some poker. After about an hour we were getting pretty bored with 3 handed poker and the mixed drinks we were having were getting us pretty buzzed. We decided our friend should not drive and we took his keys. We have extra rooms and this was our policy on poker night anyway. After a little while we were talking and laughing and not playing much poker. We started to talk about what to do now.

It was about this time M. suggested we play ***** poker. My wife quickly agreed so I figured what the heck let's see what happens. Low hand had to shuck one piece of clothing. It didn't take long until she was naked and us boys were still mostly dressed. She grabbed a piece of clothing off the floor, covered herself, and protested at being the only one naked, so naturally we both complied and ******** down right there in front of her. We were both obviously enjoying seeing her naked as our full erections proved. I grabbed the clothing she was covering up with and tossed it aside. So there we all sat naked and she said "what now?"

M. had another brainstorm, he suggested we cut the cards for head. We all agreed and set up the rules. High card gets head from low card of opposite sex, one minute. Easy enough. Kate was on a roll she beat us both several times, so she sat in her chair getting her pu22y licked by us in one minute intervals. M watched the clock pretty close, I watched them more, so his minutes may have been a bit longer than mine.

Finally she lost a hand and I won. M watched as she gave me one minutes worth of great head. Then she won again. I had low hand, M watched again. Next hand he finally won, which he said "finally!" Kate knelt before him took his c0ck in her hand and kissed it, she licked it a bit to moisten it, then slid her mouth over it, again and again. I forgot all about the clock, I just watched. She worked him over for a long time 5 maybe 10 minutes. Then he gently pushed her away and onto her back on the floor and buried his face between her legs. She looked up at me, a bit nervously I thought, and gave me a bedroom smile and closed her eyes.

I was ready to lay down. I got up and told them they could have sex on the floor or come to the bedroom with me. I wondered at first as I slid under the sheets alone, but within a minute they both came in and we started our second ********* together.

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Great story. Thanks for sharing, and I have to tell you that I am jealous. While we've done similar, its been a while and I'm going to have to figure out how to setup a poker game, I guess. Thanks again - TWOF

So how did your wife deal with it afterwards? Just curious because we had a similar incident and jeanie cried for a week afterwards. She said she felt her lady friends would think less of her because of it. I told her most of those old hags wouldn't ever show their bodies because nobody would want to see them anyway..Jeanie was also a bit upset because it was winter time and she doesn;t shave her ***** when it is not swimsuit season. She said she heard a couple of rude comments about the full bush. Once again I tried to lift her spirits by telling her to be proud of that bush, I was. I was proud of her for not backing out of the bet and also proud that many of the guys envyed me after seeing what she had. Hope it was positive for you and the wife.

If you ever find the solution, please let the rest of us know. We had many years of fun MFMs, and the wife always said that while she enjoyed them, it wasn't something she looked forward to. Then all of a sudden, she decided she was somehow less of a person for having done or enjoyed it. Now, she avoids even talking about it. If we can ever figure out the female mind, it will be the greatest discovery of modern times. LOL - TWOF

Sounds like a very fun evening. I will have to get a poker game going next time I have friend(s) over! Very good story!

Works for me too:)

i sure wish my wife would let go and do other guys with me watching. i was really supprised when i joined this project to find others that shared their wives. something most women i know has this fantacy and wants it reality. this is something a lot of women would give a lot for their hubby to do and even watch. unfortunately it is not for everyone. but it works for me

Awesome, I've gotta try to recreate that

Nice story.Very very hot.

I have been reading them, I can only take a few at a time, if you know what I mean.

We are in our 50s in Ok. She does know how to enjoy herself when she lets her hair down.