A Young Cuckold

My partner was my gf when I was 15 and 16 back in the 1970's.  J started early and had ****** a lot of the boys at school, she had a real reputation.  She had dated a guy before me who used to rent her out for gang bangs.  She stopped that a few months before I went out with her when her father found out and went ballistic. But the guys at school used to taunt me.  They used to describe in detail what her **** and ***** looked like.  They used to tell what she was like in those gang bangs, how she loved it, what they used to do to her, how tight her ***** was and what it looked like with 6 boys *** pumped inside.  This was supposed to humiliate me but I loved it.  I got off on them talking dirty about her.  They used to call her a little *****, a shag bag, a *** ****.  At school or if we were out at parties they treated her almost as if they had a claim of ownership on her.  Guys would often grab her **** or her *** for a grope right in front of me.  One night at a disco guys took it in turns to grab her forcing a kiss on her and thrusting their hand down her knickers for a grope of her *****.  She was so submissive she hardly tried to resist.  The guys kept coming up to  me with their fingers to smell.  The point is , I loved it.
Then at the end of school party there was loads of booze.  Everybody was getting drunk and J had her **** groped, her *** felt, and even her skirt lifted and ***** rubbed an licked through her knickers.  They kept feeding her booze until she was really drunk, she was getting teasy. Then it happened, 3 lads grabbed her, ******** her naked and dumped her on the couch. I got a ring-side seat as they ****** her 1 by 1 as she lay on the couch with her legs open, they jizzed in her mouth on her **** and justy abused J any way they wanted.  They called her a dirty little ***** and told me how nice it was to have their **** inside her tight little **** again.  I loved every minute of it and so did she.

The next day she was really upset she had allowed it to happen, I think she though I would walk out on her.  We split up 6 months later though and J went back to the guy who rented her out for gang bangs for a while.  She went through 3 marriages before we met again a few years ago.  J has had a load of guys in her time and I wouldn't have it any other way.  She hasn't done any of the gang bang stuff since the younger days, but I wish she would again just for old times sake.  Maybe I should get in touch with some of the guys from school.
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That is so wonderful that you ended back up together!