As A Sophomore In High School

My wife had been sucking **** for about a year when she finally gave up her cherry. It was not to her first boyfriend, but several later. The usual heavy petting, *** play, and ******** were all with different guys. The first guy to **** her was a senior who took her to prom when she was in 10th grade. They got stupid drunk, and then went back to a hotel room where they ****** on the bed right next to one of her friends who was also having sex with her boyfriend, although she wasn't a virgin that night. The first time wasn't anything special, but she did end up ******* the guy again later that night. She dated that dude for about a year before she unleashed her inner ****, but that's another set of stories all together.
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O what memories!! Great story. Well, let's hear her other experiences as she unleashed her inner ****:)~ Molly

Yes, tell more.

would love to hear that set of stories too