Forced To Wear Pink.

This started after a year being married, my **** not to the standards she wanted it to be. One day she came home after having sex with some one and told me how great it was to have a real mans **** in her. I was horrified and started to cry. She called me a sissy and told me to get used to it if we were to stay together. Then she started insisting I wear female clothing since I am as sissy.

She makes me ware pink when ever I am at home. She had trowen out any all of my male underwear and stocked me with pink panties, socks etc... When home I need to ware see through nighties around the house. Some times I get to ware panties with them. Usually not so she can see if I have an erection. If I do I have to relieve myself in front of her and lick up my own ***, she tells me all sissies do this.

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Quit winning enjoy the transformation many of us dream of a wife like that. I'd love to see photos.

I love her just telling you that you must accept cuckoldry to stay together, the ultimate blackmail! I wish my wife would demand that she have other men and that I must take it like the sweet sissy cuckold that I so deeply desire to be! Does she have you locked in chastity? Buy a PA5000 and get a Prince Albert piercing on the end of your member and give it to her as a present. Then offer to have her lock your manhood away forever! Just milk you for health reasons. This is a very hot fantasy of mine. Please friend me when you get a chance. Thank you. kisses, Billy

My wife has gotten me to wear cotton man thongs ( Joe Boxer sells them and K-mart carries them ). I like to keep my a*s shaved so that the thong is allowed right up my a*s all the time with no restrictions. I have some small to really push the envelope ( especially when I get hard, because it pulls between my bottom tighter ) and some medium for normal comfort. I have quite the extensive heel collection of my own and have a weakness for knee length high heel boots.

Thanks for the advice, imonetwo I do this already.<br />
To babybearjean, I wore plastic pants all last weekend and *** in them twice due to her torment. I did enjoy them.

I love your wife, she is my idea of heaven!

I should tell her about semi-transparent pink plastic panties for you then. Keeps you contained but she can still see your erection.. And if you do have a sticky accident it is easy to have you lick your panties clean.... No waste<br />
<br />
(I don't know why people think I am evil LOL)

wish iwas that lucky,sugar