Sexy Girlfriend Makes Me Her Sissy ***** Cleaner

I have told stories here about my cuckold life with my wife Mistress Jan. Before I had a relationship with another girl named Lynn it lasted 2 years I met Lynn at a night club she had just fell out with her Bf and latched onto me , that night she took me to a flat she was sharing with 4 other girls and made it clear that she would be having sex with me I was nervous she would on seeing my 3 inch penis with its thin shaft and slightly bigger helmet she would eject me out her bed ,my **** had only been in one girl before and I was dumped straight after because my penis was to small and thin and I had been dumped by another 3 girls for the same reason not even getting to the sex stage 2 rejected my penis at first sight the other felt my small erection through my trousers. Lynn went to the bathroom I ******** naked and got into her bed she returned dressed in a black corset with suspenders and very high heels she was stunning I could have spunked at the sight she got into bed and we started having sex I went down and licked her fanny I could feel her holding my penis and I could feel she was measuring it up she put it in her mouth and we licked and sucked each other , Lynn told me it was time to **** her , I got on top she pushed my **** in to her and I pumped away after 5 minutes of pumping she had lost the passion and pushed me off , I got to the point and asked why , she told me my **** was to small its a tiny winkie and her 9 year old brothers was so bigger and she had been ****** by over 80 ***** and never seen a man with a tiny winkie . She said your here now finish me off with your mouth I gave her a good ****** , I got no pleasure , in the morning I was shocked that she wanted to meet me again .On the second date I told her I was a sissy Cross dresser she thought it was amusing and as I had a small **** , I most probably should be dressed as a she allowed me to dress with her I did her cleaning and ironing as a girl she was very dominant and punished me with a belt every time I was dressed in her flat , One day a man arrived I was told to wait in the hall outside her door the man entered her room I could hear there was no conversation then the man moaning and slapping sounds that I knew was a **** getting wanked , when he left I was told to clean up her panties were all ***** she humiliated me telling me to clean up the mans ***** calling me a tiny winkie sissy I missed a blob on the carpet and Lynn forced me to eat it , I was happy I had become a proper sissy
Over 2 years I licked ***** out her fanny every week she was ****** by 2 Australians one night and she sat on my face drowning me in ***** every Friday night or early Saturday morning it would be my duty to wait for her coming home and lick her clean off men’s ***** , One time at a family birthday party she met a man I watched her feeling his **** , she told me his **** is huge and and she was having it , They got into the back of my car Lyn told me to drive to a secluded car park we knew she was half ******** in the back and she had his **** out it was huge I would think over 9 inches, at the car park I was told to wait outside and I watched as the man ****** her hard , after he had spunked in her twice and she had 3 ******* they got out the car and sat on top of a picnic bench she was whispering to the man then she said Sissy come here and take of your trousers and sweat shirt I ******** down to suspenders stockings a bra and a pink cardigan he was laughing , she opened her legs her fanny was soaked and her belly was spattered with ***** , she ordered me on my knees and got a hold of my ears and pushed my mouth hard onto her fanny I licked and swallowed my superiors **** ***** like the sissy I was , after Lynn was happy she was cleaned she held the mans **** wanking it slowly it was hard and so thick her fingers were only half way round , Lynn with a evil grin said , Sissy clean your Masters **** , quickly she looked at the man to get approval he said clean it , on my knees Lynn held it at my mouth and pushed the first 3 inches in as I rolled my tongue round the **** she pulled it out and made me clean the shaft , then she rolled his foreskin back and she instructed me to polish his glands and clean out every fold under his smelly foreskin Lynn made me **** in front of them into my own hand that I only managed to lick a little as I was ***** sick all this attention had him hard and the had another quick **** on the bench this time he withdrew and spunked on her belly which I quickly cleaned , just one of the best cuckold experiences of many
rachelusissy rachelusissy
31-35, M
Dec 8, 2012