I don't have a wife and I am nobody's wife - I am a girl who wears an open bottomed girdle with seamed, silk stockings everyday under my skirt suit as "corporate" attire. I never wear panties or a bra; in fact, I don't even own a bra.I think it is much more sexy to wear stockings than pantihose. I have nothing against pantihose and wear it occasionally, but prefer to wear stockings as it makes me feel more desirable and sexy.
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hose with no bra is like shoes with no heels :)

I hate pantyhose. When it comes to garter belts I like seeing a woman in ones meant for everyday wear. I guess I go for the Bettie Page look. My favorites are some of the ones sold by Secrets in Lace.

That is why you ae so desirable, sexy , and naughty.... wow - you are giving me a ***** - gr8white - can you add me too - to view your me, myself and I pics too... sd

Your attire sounds delightful. Appearing conservative but on closer examination, you are being a bit naughty. :)

Sorry to do this.. but your whiteboard is blocked.. where are your T&C? I don't see them. Sorry to bother.. :(


That is awesome... I wishe I would have found a woman with you lingerie philosophy before getting married... I molded my wife into what she is, but she has never taken to the same kind of love I have for lingerie, so I get it from her sometimes, but most times not... To me, this is what defines a woman and her beauty.... I would rather see a woman in lingerie (i.e. garter belt, bra, thong, corset, bustier, merrywidow, girdle and stockings, than nude)... I may be odd like that, but to me, as I said, that defines the woman's beauty, her lingerie!!!

Yes! Another woman, who sets the example for the rest of us to follow.

Stockings accencuate a woman and they are so feminine and sexy.<br />
I love to wear stockings myself and feel the pull of the garter belt on them. Seamed stockings are my favourite and also lace topped ones although any fine stockings look great.<br />
Much better than pantyhose.

That conjures up nice images, may I ask, do you shave your *****?

I like to wear them all, stockings or pantyhose.