The Ceremony

All week my wife was like an excited schoolgirl, looking forward to her sleepover with her new lover.
I, on the other hand, spent the week feeling slightly sick, and somewhat nervous. We finally got to Saturday and she was up early, telling me that I needed to help her choose a new outfit to please and excite her new lover, which filled me with jealousy, but I bit my tongue, as I was so horny, and knew that I would get no relief until she'd slept with him.
Back home in the early evening, I was commanded to help her get ready, which I did, and just before she slipped on her thong she allowed me to lick and kiss between her legs to get her 'in the mood'. She got wet and in the mood very quickly, but she stopped me before her ******, as she wanted to save herself for Steve.
Just before she left for the night, she told me that the girls were coming over on Sunday afternoon to perform a little ceremony. Things just kept getting better and better.
I hardly slept at all that night, and tried to fill my morning with chores, but I couldn't stop thinking about my wife being with a lover. It was driving me mad!
Finally at well after 3pm, my wife arrived, and her friends cars arrived just behind her, so no chance for us to talk alone. My wife demanded champagne to celebrate, we always keep some cold, as it's my wife's favourite drink. I didn't have any, as I wasn't feeling like celebrating. The girls toasted my wife as newly free, and then me, as a new cuckold.
There was then a lot of girly chatter about what the guy was like in bed (fabulous), how big his **** was (huge), and when she will see him again (soon and often).
They then announced that it was time for the ceremony, and asked my wife how long ago she had last ****** her lover, and she said half an hour ago.
They seemed pleased with that and got her to sit on the table, at the edge, and I was told to kneel and put my head between her legs and start licking her **** clean. The smell and taste of the guy was sickening, but I had no choice, I started to lick. The girls handed my wife a printed sheet of paper, and explained to me that it was filled with promises which my wife must make to me as her cuckold husband, and at the end, I would make a promise. Here are the promises my wife made:-
She promised to keep me permanently locked in chastity, to allow me an absolute maximum of one ****** per week and no more than three in a calendar month. To never allow me to touch my penis again, to never allow my penis to enter the body of a woman for the rest of my life, to discipline and punish me regularly, to ensure that almost all of my ******* are ruined. Further, that she has as many lovers as possible, always flaunting them in front of me, making sure her lovers know our situation and encouraging them to humiliate me, and finally that she promises to always be totally selfish in her treatment of me.
My promise, after all that, was easy. I simply had to say that I accepted my situation, which somewhat reluctantly, I did.
My wife now got off the table, grabbed my balls and pulled me so that my balls and penis were on the table. One woman stood behind me, pushing me in to the table, the other two held a hand each, stratched out to the sides, and my wife unlocked my cage and started stroking my penis. She told me to be quick, as she hadn't got all day, and despite how I felt, my penis got very hard, very fast and I could feel my approaching ******. She told me to tell her when I started to ***, and seconds later I did. I barely had the first squirt out, when she let go of my penis, and slammed her fist down on it, crushing my penis and balls onto the table. It was total agony, and even then, she didn't stop, but leant all her weight down, stopping my ****** dead and causing agony to my balls. All the girls laughed, as my wife released me and re-attached the cage and snapped the lock shut.
They all wondered off to have more champagne, and I just fell to my knees and cried
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You should be very grateful to your wife for giving your **** and balls so much attention! Tell her from me that she shouldn't be so generous with your *******, and that she should try to hurt your balls every day. Enjoy!