Some Of The Times

everynow and then I'll ask my wife to do my make up
because it shows that she accepts and is ok with me
wearing it most of the time I do hers and mine because
I do very good job of it but once in awhile it nice to have her
do it for me I finded it very relaxing and makes me happy
notech64 notech64
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

My wife & I often do each others makeup, especially if we're going out, but we do spend quite a lot of time trying out diferent colours of lipstick & eye shadow & nail polish. It's good to get each others opinion on what looks good & not so good.<br />
It's also a lot of fun going shopping together at the cosmetic dept.'s, checking out the lipsticks & perfumes etc., & having a good chuckle at the looks on the faces of some of the sales ladies.