Her Bosses

Got drunk with her bosses and told one of them that I was a *** **** from way back.That I miss those days and would like to be there toy sometimes.If you two want me,I could do you both at the same time and we could have safe sex.We'er all clean from aids and others.I didn't think any more about it.About three weeks went by and we were at there house partying.The one started to talk about **** size and I was scared my wife would hear us.He told me she had passed out on the couch.I went to look and she was so I returned to the other room.As I walked in they were naked and asked me to do the same.We talked about you and want to both take care of your needs.I was drunk enough so I dropped down on all fores and they both entered me at the same timeI was moaning and getting into it when I saw my wife standing there watching.Don't stop now I set this up for you.She sat down and they returned to plugging me harder and started to ***.They huged and kissed as they both shot ther loads in me.My wife started to cheer them on and they switched ends and kept ******* me.They must have ****** me for an hour.I was week in the knees so they put me on the bed and didn't stop.When they were done with me my wife said we needed to go home.We didn't talk on the way home.We walked in the house and she started to kiss me and pull off my cloths.WE made love right there.
Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
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you are a very lucky man

I wish my wife would do that 4 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B. from S.E. Pa. USA !!!