Out On The Town, No Panties.

We were at a bar in our hometown, just visiting. Of course we had many drinks and I was feeling very horny as usual. There were many people in this bar that we knew. There were several guys in the bar that she had admittedly ****** in the past. There were also many guys that had always wanted to **** her. Sort of a reunion of old friends. I turned to her and told her I would give her $20 to take off her panties. She looked at me and grinned, and agreed.

I looked her in the eyes as she turned her chair to face away from the table and towards several groups of people, men and women. She was wearing a sexy dress that was almost see through and really showed off her nice ****, you could definitely see her hard nipples through the thin fabric. She reached down below the table, I could tell by her movements that she was pulling her dress up so I sat back and watched. She slowly moved her dress up, just about to mid thigh. She took a brief look around, I never looked away from her. Then she reached under her dress which made it slide up further exposing her panties which were white and very noticable under the bar lights. As she pulled them down her legs, she lifted her knees so I caught a nice glimpse of her ***** and slid her panties off. She handed them to me and I handed her $20.  

I was hard as a rock, very horny and ready to **** her now, wherever. She wanted to make me wait. We had a few more drinks, she got a lot of attention and then the lights came on, bar closed.

On the drive home that night, she told me that a lot of people saw what she did. She loved the attention and was very horny. I almost blew my load right there. I drove her to a secluded spot where most horny people go to ****. I knelt down on the floor in front of her seat and she immediately spread her ***** so i could lick her. I loved how wet she already was, it tasted so good. She was begging me to **** her so I did. Very hot hard and wet. She gets soaking wet when she is really horny and sometimes can squirt. It didn't take long for both of us to *** as the anticipation throughout the night had us on the brink constantly. I came deep inside her, her ***** was so wet she could have ****** two or three more guys that night.

That was over 10 years ago. We still have a great sex life and she still gets extremely wet if you know what to do. Our interests have grown to the point where we are exploring other people to join us. I am fascinated with sharing her with guys who are long and thick. I know she would love a big ****. She is very Bi Curious, as am I and she wants to swing.

If you read to this point thanks and I hope you enjoyed. I will write more when I have time.

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Very hot--my ex used to do this

Wow ... that was an awesome story. I wish I was as brave as your wife.

Hot story!


hot story, i had no panties on at a bed and breakfast with a chick's hubby right in my view. i spread my legs while the wife had her back to me and he enjoyed his breakfast more than she did. yeah, swinging is very cool.