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My wife used to tease our neighbors son, he was 16 at the time , and had the hots for her, she was 27. He used to help her around the yard,and do anything he could to see her **** or *** when she bending or squatting. She always wore Daisy duke shorts , and , tiny tops that would show her **** when she would bend .I used to tell her she was giving him blue balls , but she would just laugh. This went on until Bob joined the service at 19, and ,was gone for a few years. He would always stop by to visit when ever he was home on leave, still trying to see as much as possible. After Bob was done serving Uncle Sam, he returned home,only to pick up right where he left off. He would stop by at night,to play video games ,or just talk, and have a few beers, My wife would come out of the shower ,wearing a T-shirt and little bikini panties, She always seemed to find, hundreds of reasons for her to bend over, letting her shirt ride up her ***, and her panties would work themselves up between her *** cheeks. Bob couldn't  take his eyes off her when ever he was over, I decided it was time to play both side against the middle,so to speak, and see how far I could get her to go. After about a week of her teasing, I told her she should at least let him see a few glimpses of her *****, and ****, just  to see what he would do. She said she was thinking of doing that,and, thought it might be fun. I convinced her that sometime during the night she should loose her panties, She liked the idea ,and, just might do that. Bob came over as usual that night, and, I got us all drinks while we talked ,and drank for about  90 minutes. We were all feeling pretty good after awhile, she excused herself to take a shower. When she left, I told Bob I knew  that she was going out of her way to tease him, he confessed that she was driving him crazy.I told him we should teach her a lesson, If he was up for it. I said if we played our cards right, he just might get to see a lot more. What he didn't know, was that my wife already planned to do just that. In case she changed her mind, I was already planning ways to help things along, if  could. Before she came out, I showed Bob some pictures I had of her, in various stages of undressing, all he could do was stare. He was now hooked, and wouldn't care if I was there or not. Next was liquid courage, I made sure the drinks were kept full. Finally she came out ,dressed in her usual T- shirt and panties. As I said before, she was feeling pretty good from the drinks, I made hers a little stronger, to help things along. As we talked, she mentioned that her shoulders, and back were really knotted up, and, asked if I would massage them. I told her I was getting us all fresh drinks, and asked Bob if he would mind doing it . He said he would enjoy it if she didn't mind. She said she didn't mind, and moved over on the bench seat, and sat with  her back towards Bob.I got our drink, and went and got a towel, and some lotion, to keep things moving in the right direction. She loves a massage, and it wasn't long before she was into it, saying how great it felt. I suggested that Bob use the lotion on her, and if she lifted the back of her T-shirt, over her head, he could work the lotion in better, which she did. She sat there holding the shirt over her **** , while Bob rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and back. The more he rubbed, the more she drank, the loser she got,  until the shirt was now lying on the table in front of her. It was quite a sight, seeing her with her **** out, Bob rubbing her back, dressed only in her panties. It was time to help her get out of those panties. I suggested that if she stood and leaned on the table, he could do her lower back too. She did, next Bob used the lotion on her lower back, I mentioned that the lotion might ruin her panties. Without any hesitation she reached back pulling her panties down and off. Talk about a plan coming together. Bob than began to rub her sides, making sure to rub the sides of her **** .He reached around to her front, and massaged her **** next. She started to moan a little, still saying how great the massage felt. Next he worked his way down to her ***. He massaged and squeezed spending a few seconds there. Still she didn't stop him, I figured what the hell, and motioned for him to reach between her legs. He hesitated at first, but ,finally ,slowly reached between her legs rubbing her ***** lightly. She moaned while opening  her legs, giving his hand better access to her *****. She was loving it, and he was smiling from ear to ear . After awhile I told her she might as well let Bob give her a complete massage, and let him do her front. She turned around facing us ,standing there  nude, she looked fantastic..She took the towel ,spread it out on the bench and laid back on it. She reached for the oil giving  it to Bob. She than spread her legs, putting one over the back of the bench. She just smiled at us, and asked for another drink.  Her ***** was spread wide open, giving Bob full access to it, and her ****. Bob looked at me ,and smiled as he poured some oil on her *****. He started to rub it in, making sure to rub it on the inside with a few fingers too.This went on for about 20 minutes, I told her that the  least she could do was return the favor, and give Bob a hand job. She agreed, unzipped his pants, reached in, and pulled out his ****. She couldn't get her hand around it,  not only was it thick, it was at least 9 inches long. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.,She kept saying how big his **** was. She told him there was no way she was going to let him leave, without at least feeling  that big **** up inside her. She said she never had a **** that big before, and needed to have him **** her with it. Bob looked at me, I told him to give the lady what she wanted. As Bob ****** her, I watched as he slowly worked his big **** up her , He stopped about half way, giving her a chance to adjust to it. She kept saying how good it felt, telling  him not to stop, stopping was the last thing on his mind . He began to thrust in and out until his balls started slapping her ***. She was going crazy, telling him to **** her harder. I went around by her head, she began sucking my **** ,while Bob kept pounding her  with his big ****. She was loving every minute of it, she couldn't get enough. This continued until about 3 in the morning, when she finally passed out. I walked Bob out, and he thanked me for helping him fill his greatest fantasy, little dd he know he helped me fill one of mine. She ****** Bob and me, almost every night for about a month.Unfortunately  Bob found a job in another state. He still stops in to visit, and **** my wife when ever he is in town. Needless to say she doesn't  tease him any more, she can't wait till his next visit.

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It reminds me of something that happened to me when I was in the Navy in Mayport, Florida back in the late 70’s. I had a buddy on my ship nick-named “Jake” i hung out with. He had a girlfriend back in Georgia and after our first cruise, he brought her down to live with him while we were in port.

Jackie was wasn’t the prettiest gal on the beach but she had a chemistry I found quite attractive and she was sexy. I was always a gentleman around the two of them and took her flirting with a grain of salt. We used to pass the time on the beach hanging out or playing cards at their little furnished apartment.

We returned from a Med Cruise in July one year and then were due to depart for another one in April the following year. In the mean time we did a series of “week-longs” and other operations out in the Atlantic.

Jackie made plans to head back to her folk’s about a week before we were to ship out. Jake told me to come over Saturday night and we’d have dinner together. I asked if I was imposing since Jackie was planning on leaving a couple of days later. He insisted and said that she had a going away gift for me. I took that info and made sure to show up with something for her (I knew she liked some fancy soaps from Yardley that she would not buy for herself).

I came over to their apartment and we grilled out and had a couple of drinks. It started to rain so we took everything back inside. After we cleaned up the kitchen we sat down to play cards. Jackie told me that since Jake and I were inseparable friends she expected me to make sure Jake behaved himself while we were gone. I agreed.

After an hour or so we took a break. I went to my car and got my present for Jackie and she was so very pleased! I got a big hug around the neck and a quick kiss on the lips and then another hug. I felt her breasts against my chest and imagined what it would be like for Jake after I left.

She held on to me for a lot longer than I expected, holding me close but relaxing her body against mine. She felt so nice. Jake then told me in a stage whisper that I was getting the first part of my gift from her. I had no idea what he meant.

A moment or so later Jackie released her arms from around my neck and only met my eyes for a second but I could see that she was blushing through her smile. She had one hand holding one of her soaps and the other holding the front of my shirt. She leaned over and put her soap back in the box and then held my shirt with the other hand and, started to make like she wanted to say something, but she could not make the words come out.

Jake encouraged her and told her it was okay; he was sure I would like it. At this point I had my hands on her hips trying to figure out what was so difficult for Jackie to say. She was unable to hold eye-contact with me but I heard her say, almost in a whisper, that she wanted to give me and Jake a going away present. The same present.

A couple of hundred thoughts raced through my mind in an instant! I was pretty sure I understood what she (they) were offering, but I took my hand to her chin and lifted her face to look in her eyes to confirm her wonderful offer. I asked, softly. “Are you the present?” She blushed again, smiled, and nodded, “Yes!” I remember slowly letting out a long breath and saying “Wow!” She then buried her face in my chest and I looked over at Jake and asked if they were sure, and he confirmed.

Now that the desire was out in the open, there was an awkward pause as if to say, "okay, now what?”

Jackie let go of me and went and hugged Jake. I looked around and found an open bottle of wine and poured some for all of us (in all honesty, I poured into a couple of tumblers and a old jelly jar). We three stood there awkwardly toasting the evening and I wondered how it was going to proceed. I assumed that if the two of them had discussed this already they might have a plan.

Apparently Jackie had a plan. It wasn’t all that romantic, but it was effective. She put her now empty tumbler on the table and put one arm around Jake and the other around me and we started to walk to the bedroom. She left us at the door and excused herself to the restroom. Jake pointed to the candles and he and I went around the room lighting them. I whispered to him and asked if he was sure about this. He was and I affirmed I was and hoped that I would be suitable for her. I had previously confessed to Jake how inexperienced I was, sexually. He assured me that my innocence was one of the things that Jackie found desirable about me!

She came out of the restroom and stood in the doorway in a teddy. Pink, the top covered her breasts but was slit from where it met her navel up to where it circled her neck. It had a matching pair of loose fitting panties but it left her flat, nicely tanned tummy bare. Two guys were instantly hard!

I followed Jake’s lead. He just stood there taking her all in and started to undo his shirt from his shorts and pulled it over his head, and then took off his shorts and underwear all in one motion tossing them aside. His **** was sticking straight out. I saw Jackie look at it and then smile at him. He went to her and they hugged and kissed, Jackie’s hand reaching down to take it in her hand.

She looked over at me, smiled and raised her eyebrows. Somewhat embarrassed, but none the less excited, I pulled out my polo shirt and removed it and my slacks and tossed them aside. My erection stood almost straight up and I immediately wondered if she would wrap her hand around mine. That was kind of a silly thought considering what she was obviously offering!

She and Jake held each other and made out for a few minutes. Then she gave him a loving push to the bed and he sat down and watched his girlfriend face me, give me a long look from my knees to my erection, to my chest and then my face. I felt my **** throb when she smiled at me.

She hesitantly came to me and reached out and took my **** in both hands and then inched up to me, put one hand around my neck as I took her in my arms and we kissed. Her hand felt so good. Her tongue teased mine as her hand explored my **** from my sacs and then along my length and then taking as much of it in her hand and giving me a possessive squeeze.

I pulled my hands back to her hips to feel her bare skin under her teddy. I panicked that I might *** then and there. She was relaxing in one sense and becoming more aroused in another. She then backed away, still holding me in her hand and guided me to the bed and had me sit down. She kept one hand on my erection and waited as I leaned back on my elbows.

She then looked into my face and giggled, saying, “Ok, what goes on here, stays here, agreed?” Both guys of course agreed.

She then bent over me and pulled my **** towards her, aiming it at the ceiling. Then I saw those luscious warm lips purse and I felt that wonderful sensation as she pushed down over my glans and an inch over my corona. I thought my hips were going to come off the bed to meet her delightful mouth and tongue. She disengaged and reengaged several times, each time eliciting a long moan of delight from deep inside me. I vaguely heard Jake encouraging her and reassuring her.

I had my arms laid back behind my head and was just enjoying this dreamlike state. After a few moments of this Jackie paused and took me in her hand instead and slowly stroked me. She then stood up and peeled her teddy over her head and crawled up on the bed with Jake and me. She left me alone and positioned her body to get Jake’s **** in her mouth. In so doing, she got on all fours and I adjusted to the change and started to massage her thighs and calves and feet, eventually sticking my fingers in the sides of her panties and easing them off her hips, then thighs, and pulling them around her feet.

I explored with my fingers as I listened to her ministrations on her boyfriend’s **** elicit the same type of moans she had gotten from me and I imagined how it now felt for Jake.

This was 1978 and shaving was not in vogue (Thank goodness!) Jackie had a beautiful mass of hair. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and it immediately changed the dynamics between Jackie and Jake. I heard her moan and then him even more.

Rather abruptly, Jackie disengaged and repositioned herself on her back. She got Jake and I to lay on our sides beside her and she took a **** in each hand, panting for breath. After a moment she looked at each of us and said she wanted to play a game with us. We could take turns with her, but only for 5 strokes at a time and then we had to switch!

I blurted out that I was not sure i could last 5 strokes with her. She laughed and said she would try to help, but she wanted to see how long she could take each of us to the edge and wanted to see the looks on our faces as we entered her and tried to control ourselves.

She looked at Jake and said she wanted her lover to go first. Jake let out a breath and said he, too, was not sure he would make it 5 strokes in her wonderful *****. But he knelt between her thighs and I watched him looking down between them as he positioned his **** to penetrate her. She lifted her knees a bit and I heard him moan as he inched into her. I heard him go, “Whew, baby, you’re hot!”

Jackie reached for and found my still hard **** and played with it as she counted out Jake’s strokes. “OK, my love, that’s 5 and you made it! Now let our guest…” Jake rolled off her and as I draped one leg over, Jackie brought her other leg under mine and I laid for a moment with my **** against the hair of her mons. I leaned over her and kissed her. She put her arms around me and kissed me passionately and I felt the heat and precum from Jake’s ****…

Jackie rolled her hips a bit, and my **** slipped into her slit. She adjusted once more and I shifted and felt her reach between us and guide my glans against her and then she used her feet against my butt to push me in. I gasped as I felt my **** swallowed into her tightness, aided by the heat and slipperiness from her lover’s first 5 strokes.

I lifted my weight from her chest and slowly gave her the first 2 strokes, even then feeling the tightness in my scrotum, and paused. She smiled and assured me that my **** felt as good to her as her ***** did to me. I gave her another 2 strokes and paused once more, afraid that when I pulled back I might ***! I remembered to breathe and I felt Jackie’s hands on my arms, caressing. I gave my last stroke and then carefully pulled out.

Jake was all about getting between her thighs again and his erection was even longer, thicker and harder now than it had seemed when I first saw him penetrate her. Jake penetrated and then pulled her up close to him as he knelt and stayed more upright. He paused for a few moments and then he gave her 5 hard, long strokes, each bringing forth a gasp and “Oh!” from his girlfriend.

He then pulled out and took his **** and rubbed it across her **** milking out precum as he did. I had barely recovered before he was rolling off to watch me enter his lover. Jackie was getting hotter and hotter. I was able to enter her without any problem, Jake’s massiveness had widened the path but once I was in, the walls of her vagina closed around me and her hands were on my hips and her smile and encouragement brought me to the edge.

Jackie smiled at me and told me there were no losers in this game and that she was up for pulling an “all nighter” with me and Jake! I started to stroke and Jackie met my thrusts, 1…2…3…4 and it was too much for me. 5,6,7….10….15, both of them begging me to *** insider her! I felt the knot and then gasped for breath as Jake’s lover wrapped her legs around mine and moved her paradise against my manhood and pulled all the tension and stress out of me in a long series of moans, gasps, and ***...

Great story!! Add me please

Wow an exciting story and an exciting wife.

Very hot story! Nothing hotter then a hung stud servicing your wife! Would love to find a Bob to **** my wife's little *****!

Extremely hot, utterly wonderful story!

gave me a hard on

Great story, well told. Had me hard remembering the first time my wife ****** my buddy.

That was an amazing time. Thanks for sharing.

Great story. You have a very sexy adventurous wife.

wow very sexy add me please

great story

Very hot story. Makes me wish I never left the Southern Tier area. (Not to mention wishing I had met you two while I was there.)

Well written and very hot, thanks

Great story!

Very hot, too bad you didn't start this years ago!

my wife has had a very similar experience with a younger longer man!!!it was fantastic and I was able to watch while sitting on the sofa ************ and listening to her telling me how fantastic his **** was and she said sorry hon but he ***** so much better than you , to which I repluied do not be sorry babe just enjoy and **** yourselves silly, let him fill you with his hot sticky ***,,to which she did just that and continued ******* for hours,even after I fell asleep she told me later they just could not stop..

Woooow fantastic I also love it when my wife gets ****** silly by a longer **** than mine weather I am there or not if I am not there she calls me on the phone and tells me while she is ******* or shortly after she has *** and he has filled her mouth or ***** with his hot *****.she tells me and I know it is true she loves me very much but needs a longer **** sometimes because he can make her *** so much better than I. AND THAT THRILLS ME VERY MUCH.

Isn't that great? She probably would have ****** him long before that had she known what he was packing in his pants.

grt story made me hard as hell

ho ho! great story and experience, man!

Just wanted to leave a quick note that this is one of the best stories I've read on here. It gave me some great ideas and insights into what would work best for me. Thanks!

Excellent story! Its more fun for us because we're both bi and we both get to play with the guy's ****. Even more fun if its a couple

great experience! thanks for sharing it!

Great story.... your wife is a lucky woman.... I wish I were her! Thnx for sharing

what a great experience! and weel written too. thanks for sharing!

my wife didn't wait till her teen admirer got older. she let him **** her all summer when he was 16

Definitely a great story- and you did a great job, almost felt like I was there enjoying!

Probably not, she is straight, she only does guys, and they have to be over 21. She prefers guys a little younger than her, but in Bobs case it just happened,

would love for your wife to seduce my 16 yo son....., and he has a twin sister, would she seduce her too?

this was really a true story , none of the experiences I wrote about were made up.....Bill