My Wife Was Going To Turn Me Into A Women

My late wife said she was going to turn me into a complete woman and even arrange to have a man take my manpussy's virginity. She told me that she was going to dress me complete with makeup and we'll go out looking for men. She wants me to become a woman and be ****** like one. She even wants to watch me suck a nice big fat long ****. Before this could happen she pasted away. GOD how I wanted this to happen.
andrea44871 andrea44871
6 Responses Aug 31, 2010

I am so sorry for you loss!

thats right if she wanted it for you then do this to honer her

I am also very sorry for your loss.And if that is what you really wanted i really hope that somehow you get your wish. Good luck

if your late wife wanted this of you perhaps you should do this for her memory who knows if those that pass on form this life are not now watching over you

Thank you very much I appreciate

I am sorry for your loss!