My Wife Just Got Her Queen Of Spades Tattoo

My wife just got her Queen of Spades Tattoo. It is so hot. She spent a couple of weeks thinking it over, making sure that she wanted it and that she knew what it meant. After many hours of conversations with me and a few black men, she knew what she wanted. She initially wanted where she could easily hide it like on her butt cheek, but after thinking it through she decided on the obvious spot, her lower back right above her ***. That way she can still hide it when prying eyes don't need to see it, or she can flaunt it when she is feeling the need for some BBC. Its a great lifestyle that her and I have chosen and we both work together to fulfill her desires. I wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world.
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I am 65 and my wife is 63. My wife got blackened when she was 24 by a single 42 year old black neighbor. After two years of sharing her with him and his black buddies, I came home one day and found a note saying they were going away together for a week and mom had our two kids for the week. When she returned he had paid to have all her body hair permanently removed, a permanent black queen spade tattoo put on her bald ***** and she also was black pregnant with black fraternal twin boys and she didn't know who the father was. A year later she was pregnant with another set of black fraternal twins, boy and girl. I was there on that insemination. The father and I were good friends and he was a great golfer. He died two years later in an automobile accident. I sure miss him. She had herself fixed after the last two set of twins so she can't have anymore kids. She has had so many bbc in the last 37 years there is no way to count them. 15 years ago she decided to let everyone know she loves bbc and had a spade tattooed on her right breast where all can see. We too love the lifestyle with no regrets. Thank you for sharing. Ladywatcher50

My wife and I have fantasized about the QOS lifestyle, but my wife, while very hot, is still a little hesitant. I suspect that the first real taste will ignite an inferno. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Good for you and your wife. Both my wife and daughter have that tattoo on their upper inside left breasts where it can easily be seen whenever they wear their bikinis or low cut blouses, which they do more often then not, and wear only short skirts and heels. They are not afraid to show off their love of BBC and have been picked up in Wal-Mart, Safeway, local gas stations, fast food restaurants dance clubs and the beach of course. My wife was picked up a couple of months ago coming out of Wendy's and taken in the alley. They had the tattoos put on to advertise to the black men and never turn them down.

yes it works, when she finds one that she has an attraction to, she will flash it at them and flirt with them. Then its just a matter of time before she is bringing them home.

Has it worked? Do black guys hit on her?

My wife is wanting a permenet QOS tattoo, she loves black, she's been with 11 different black men with a total of getting laid 97 times between these men! I have never seen her more beautiful than when she's being had by a hung black man. We both feel if she wears a queen of spades tattoo and we go to clubs with perdomently black she'll get approached and picked up a lot more, now guys will see me and not approach her, I'm an old biker 245 long gray beard and hair and when I'm with her the men don't approach her. We hope the tattoo wil let them know I'm OK with it and they'll go ahead and have fun with her? She deserves all she can get!!! R&T

they are very hot... love them

true **** she is, stupid she is not. Family that doesn't understand the lifestyle choice and us having kids makes it an easy choice to keep it where family can't see it but she can show it off when she wants to.

My wife told me last night she wants two on her right leg above her ankle and one on the lower back in that little area just above where her @ss cheeks start. I tottaly understand Eric.Were married with children and are surrounded by friends and family that have NO idea. Its a lifestyle reserved for night-time-when-the-kids-go-to-bed side of us. Ive never met another couple into this stuff.Hope to chat with you!