Queen Of Spades Tatoo

Although I have been sharing my hotwife for over 14 years, she only recently learned the significance of
the Queen of Spades tattoo and ankle bracelets.

Before making the serious decision of getting a Queen of Spades tattoo, I found a place that sells them
as temporary tattoos.

She will be wearing them on a trial basis for a while and then we will decide whether or not to make it permanent.
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3 Responses Apr 17, 2012

I have a question. Perhaps someone can help me? If a white woman shows her desire to have AA men by having a Queen of Spades tattoo, what would an AA woman have tattood on her to say she is a woman that likes white men?

I know what my wife's next tattoo will be. Thanks for sharing

Good for you and your woman.My ex wife loved every kind of ****, but black ***** were her favorite, at the time that we were married we didn't know about the Queen of Spades tattoo. Now that we are divorced she works at a hospital in a major city and has lot of inter-action with blackmale nurses, black orderlys, and black Doctors. She now sports a Queen of Spades tattoo on her left ankle, her ring finger, her left breast where it is visable when she wears a low cut top, and on the left side of her neck! She says she can always find a black **** to service her because of those tattoos.

Trackdog1954, What is the significance of positioning on the left vs. right?