My wife had a qos tattoo on top of her bum cheek. It could be seen when she wears low slung jeans or skirt. She did it for me but when we have gone out she has been chatted up by black guys in front of me. Friendly enough no harm done but it is quite well known. When she goes out with friends she tells me she can be pestered a bit by black guys.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Kind of a funny story, my Brother in laws girlfriend just got a new tattoo of a sugar skull but on the forehead is a big spade (no Q, but just a spade). I asked her if the tattoo had any meaning and she was standoffish and just finally said she just thought it was cool. I am pretty sure she is a BBC girl now, but just can't see my bro in law in that lifestyle. The bad thing is that I now can't stop fantasizing about her with a big black **** ******* the **** out of her.