She Has Expressed Thoughts Of Haveing Me Castrated.

I have been told that I am such a sissy, that I would be better off "casterated"! If I keep complaining about her getting ****** by different people so often, then she will have me castrated to make me more feminized and controllable. I am her cuckold and if I do not straighten out she will bring lovers home and have me service them for her amusment along with castrating me. This brings my life up to date over the past six years.
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How are you being feminized? I would love to hear all of the details.

r u enjoying my respectful posts?

But i will not delete it because you are entitled to your opinion.

rety rety goobie gay. cut lem off but do not throw them away.

i love ordering the castration of the cucks whose wives i ****.The more humiliating the.better.One of my favorites so far was making the cuckolds daughters chop his balls off after he watched me **** his wife and daughters.Then i make him wear his severed nuts to the Mormon church whenever he teaches. I have been threatening to make him wear his balls on a chain at the YMCA during showers . I might save that fun till after i order his wife to cot his **** off while he listens to chrsitmas carols.

I would be honored to have my ****** balls chopped off my a superior REAL man like you!

What would I give when we had the possability to change our wives, even if it was for a short time

you are so lucky i am trying to get my wife to cuckold me , and the thought of her having me castrated has me in a dreamy state

Not a turn on at all!<br />
I like your avitar.

Does it turn you on ? The thought of being castrated I mean.

I would give anything to be in your shoes. I would be happy to know that my wife wants her lover in her only and that it was going to be a requirement that I be castrated and move into a spare bedroom so her and him can get their life together started and I would spend my life cooking cleaning and taking care of their every need and gladly give my full paycheck to him and her every week I would love it completely and would dream of being locked in my room when I'm not needed and would hope to be punished for every thing I ever did wrong and I would also let strangers use my body and *** in me so I could give the money I made from being a **** to them and then letting her and him watch as I was castrated and hearing her say Thai was forever her slave and property and that I would never ever see a woman nude again and that I would never touch her again and if I did she would report it as a rape and make sure I would spend time in prison and she has said that if I go to prison I wouldn't stand a chance that I am a easy rape target

Maybe you should complain more so she proves she is in charge!