Nuetered Husband

This is some thing thjat i really want for my sissy bedwetting husbaand and not sure of the hows and wheres of it as it is a pretty major decision for both him and me
He is very small down there anyway and I some times sqeese his sack until he starts crying but says he enjoys it and wishsthat he didnt have them any way so would apreciate any advise that an expierience person could give me.
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This message is a response to an older message you wrote about castrating your husband. There is an option, which you may consider. That is a radical prostatectomy and if you're lucky, possible nerve damage could occur resulting in him never getting an erection again. I have had my prostate removed and it really screwed me up, but after a long period, I do get erections. Had there been some nerve damage, it would not work at all. Plus, the surgery even reduces the size of his penis. Something to consider.

castration should do it i were done some three years ago and i now want my wife to have black men i shure can't do her any good no more!!

Great for your wife and hopefully you are now getting pegged too! ;-)

add me please?

you are a sick **** and i hope you are raped violently until you are unrecognizable.

female hormone will work injection is the best

Chemical castration leaves him with shrunken testes that rarely can produce ***, bu tleaves him able to stand and pee as if he was a real man. Androcar and estrogen work well to accomplish this, and cause him to grow breasts at the same time.

Thanks for the idea but he is a eunech now and have given him some hormone to help him grow cute little breasts and also use a breast pump to help his nipples get bigger. I also keep him in diapers now 24 as he still wets the bed and am thinking about maybe just using them at night and having him wear proper ladies underwear to go along with his bra. thanks for the comment and hope to hear from you again. reply with authenticity, support, and respect

guess you may need someone to address anyinterests you may have since he is not able. Once formed, the breasts do not go away--speaking from my own experience

mine are two small wife said she were not going to spend money on something she already have herself...her black likes mine to be bigger also..

That's great Diane. I was wondering if you had gone ahead with hormones and castrated your hubby. Now I know you have and isn't it great to see his breast grow as he becomes more and more female! As for having him wear proper ladies underwear at least during the day, definitely. My wife got rid of the last of my male undies shortly after we were married, leaving me only lingerie to wear. Both of us are happy about it.

mine were done with Androcar and some other that my wifes black friend gave me so i could not be with my wife any more!!

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Just humiliate him about his size and bring it up to anybody the both of you are around. Especially other women so that they know he fails as a man!!!! Make him wear panties and let all your mutual friends know so they can laugh at him!!!!

If you need practice you can cut mine off

I wanted to be castrated. Eventually I tried to do it myself. I was not very successful
My wife caught me. We live on a farm and all the kids have left home. She agreed to do the job using the same Elastrator we use on our sheep. As other have said it hurt like hell I does not seem to hurt sheep that much ? So as a nurse she used some morphine to deaden my pain I awoke 5 hours later to find my balls dead and black The loss of circulation had done the job Not much pain at all now. So she cut them off with a pair of sterile siszors and tied the part with some suture silk where the Elastrator band had been. A week later all was healed and there was no infection present I can now still get an erection But no ****** for me and i seem to feel a lot sleepier and content. Anyway I can go back or change my mind I am now a eunich for the rest of my life

Good for you.

I helped the neighbor lady castrate her husband with an Elastrator. He's around seventy, and I had been having sex with his wife for several years, as he couldn't get hard.
We didn't cut them off, we just let them absorb naturally into his body. He still gets semi hard if I suck him, but his main job is to suck me and keep me hard.

I don't know what the bed wetting has to do with the castration, but you will have more fun with him if he stays as he is. You want to be able to squeeze his balls and make him cry and u wont be able to do it afterwards. Buy him some mastectomy silicone breasts to change his upper body and make him wear a gaff under his panties. That will make him feel like and look like a women for you.

if u have children; involve them in his castration.cut him slightly so he bleeds then put his balls in a tank of pirhannas. film the whole thing so you can sell the video and enjoy it for years to come.

animal planet or nat geo might pay well for such a unique video. then he could go to a benny hinn meeting and pray to get his nuts back so you could do it all again.

My ex wife ordered estrogen tablets so that my balls would shrink and my breasts would grow. Effectively, the hormones created me as chemically castrated unable to be a man with a woman. but they let me be a woman with a man now.

Lucky you, your ex wife definitely did you a favor, getting you on estrogen to grow your breasts and shrink your balls. When I expressed to my wife I wanted to have a more female like body, she was supportive of the idea and was the first to mention this to our family doctor. To make a long story short I too have been chemically castrated by HRT, but I can still get hard, it just takes longer and I don't get as hard as I used to (my wife refers to penis as her living *****) and the hormones have let me be a woman with a woman now as well.

your fantasys are all over the place, just be your self fella, you will feel better about it , hiding causes to much stress, and we all know what that can lead to, be good , enjoy life.

How does this conversation work with the doctor? Castration seems like something quite serious for a doctor to do on request by a patient.

I should up dayte this as he was done almost a month agao and we are both very happy with it being done even though he is adjusting to some of the hormones that he is taking but is even happier to be my sissy sub husnand and has become even better at some things and a willing learner for when I have another man have sex with me whoile he watchs and then cleans both of us.

Has he always wanted to be a cuckold? Doesn't the pleasure he gets from the humiliation go away with his sex drive?

I have a question for you. If you want his nuts cut off, would you want him to grow breast?

nice story , what are you going to get rid of it seeing he doesn't really want it anyway. then you can have more and better lovers and make him watch you be satisfied.

Even though I have been on Avodart for some time now I can still get hard not as much as I used to and my *** is more like water now, I wounder if the next time I go to hospital in July I should ask to be put on Cassodex and how I should bring it up with the Dr. dose any one know what my chances would be ?

How exciting ... so what did you decide to try on your husband? My wife's and my family doctor prescribes female hormones for me which have worked their wonders, adding female characteristics to my body, while feminizing me. We both are happy.

Love to know how you are getting on now or any one that is doing this I take Avodart my self been on it a couple of years now.

You've already gotten good advice ... looking at the original date of your posting I imagine you've already started. As for me I would say stick with hormones ... I've been on them for several years now, getting the pscrips from my wife's and my doctor. I absolutely love what they have done, feminizing my total body, and the only reminent of male-ness left is my penis. My wife loves it too and she now refers to that reminent as my super sized ****.

I do h oe to hear how this goes

My best friend is going to castrate me too . From everything we've found out, I'll become extremely docile and lose all interest in anything but pleasing her and pampering her. I'm locked in strict chastity for three uyears already, so I don't need my nuts anyway. :)

I agree with David4. Chastity first. An extended period without release for him, and how he reacts to it, will go a long way towards helping you decide on future steps. Good Luck Diane!

i would buy chastity device fr him in stead of cutting it off much cheaper in long run also<br />
you can get one like mine cb3000 or you can get him full steel belt ot wear<br />
love him full time no release at all for anything never have to worry about seeing his tiny little thing just haevf him in panties an you can also feed him breast enlargment pills also

Why not have him take something to help him develop breasts and a more feminine body. It will make him more of a sissy and also shrink his ****. It takes a while to acheive the desired results but its the safest option and worth the effort. You can stop at any time or continue for a few years to get the full results. That way, if you do want to make him take the next step to womanhood he will have a good head start. I can advise on some products as I am currenlty taking them myself to grow my breasts and to develop more feminine curves around my hips and bottom. Keep me posted :-)

don't castrate him as he will need those parts when you make him have a male to female sex change. its just a matter of time before you will both want it ;-)

you maybe right and am really unsure of this but thanks for the suggetion and am trying some dugs that have been suggested first and he seems to enjoy being my sissy boy so being a little girl is bevoming even more fun with him as he really needs his night diapers still and at 22 it looks like his bed wetting is chronic and wont end so what ever he will still need his night diapers.

how are you going with the drugs? Any progress ? Which ones doee he take ?

You didn't say what age he is, but if he is old enough that his prostate is getting large, you can get his doctor to give him Avodart very easily. That will stop all his DHT, which is the really potent part of testosterone. After a few weeks he will get no more real erections, only really weak ones, and only after it is played with a lot, and it wil instantly get soft if the stimulation stops. Also, he will gradually grow breasts, just as we did as teens, although they won't be as big as yours. His body hair will gradually diminish, and almost all go away after a while. His beard will stay, but grow slower and less dense. Any baldness will become less, maybe go away completely. His desire for sex will become very low, maybe go away. He will get chubby and have soft femmy skin. His penis will shrink a lot from dis-use, and so will his balls. He will not be able to make more than a tiny amount of *********, and his ***** count will be almost zero. His bum and his thighs will get more and more feminine. Although this med cuts his chance of prostate cancer in half, he may get it anyway, in which case you can sign him up for CASODEX. That blocks the remaining "free" testosterone from getting to his body cells, including his balls. The balls react by going wild and making huge amounts of testosterone (and, incidentally, estrogen as well), but the T is blocked while the estrogen can works its wonders on him. Soon his balls will cease to function however, and after about six months, they are permannetly asleep, and shrink to tiny size. Hee hee hee

i really like your idea and have been giving him estrogen for the past several weeks and also used a breast pump on him to help his breasts show some but as yopu say they revert back to maybe when they are first starting to bud when i was in my adolesence so will try what you said for him and see if it works like you said. I want him to still have a penis no matter how small but was thinking that having him nuetered would both calm him some plus help him to become more submissive to me. He is 22 by the way and still really is a bedwetter and becoming my sissy slowly.

That was a really hot comment susanmarie. Thanks for posting it.

Tie a very tight band around them, over time they will fall off. Probably not the way to do it thoe but it will work.