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hi i am 22 and a sissy bedweter and my wife first talked of a chstity belt and now thinks that I would feel better if I was castrated and is in the process of making it happen soon. Has any one out there gone through this yet and if so what will it really feel like to no longer be with my testes? I am unsure of weither I shoulfdlook forward to this or not. i am a chronic enuretic and am submissive allready so maybe it would be best for me. I still dont have to shave and my wife says that being done would solve me from ever having to.
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My wife just castated me last night with end nippers she said she did not want sex anymore and i had an hyper sex drive so i figured why not at first she only wanted to do one ball so did i but while i was tied up she made the decision to do both

Awesome ... obviously one ball wouldn't be enough so your wife has plans for you! ;-) Now that is has been almost a day since she castrated you and you are healing, how do you feel?

It feels great i feel great my urges are slowly going away but she now goes out with guys looking for somthing idk what yet or what it means

Awesome! When you find out what your wife is planning let me know. Okay?

Well now she wants me to take estogen and said it will make me feel better an i just found out she is seeing somebody

No doubt estrogen will make you feel better, especially as your body changes and takes on more female characteristics.

Wont that be bad to take female hormones

Well it is up to how you look at it. Female hormones will castrate you, leaving you shooting blanks. But over time they will also give you the body of and feelings of a women.

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Hi, read my experience about wife controlling me. I am being castrated but did not even know it. She took me to a doctor (psychiatrist) and told her that I was angry and needed my hormones checked. Next thing I know I am scheduled for Depo Provera injections. I did not know what that was but it does control my anger. She also goes out without me a lot and I used to get very angry at that. Now she has controlled my behavior. She wins.

Awesome ... obviously your wife has plans for you! ;-)

have the ****** hack your balls off with a garden hoe.

use a stork to peck your balls off. the symbolism would be great. the deliverer of children eliminates your ability to sire any. have fun.

Yes you are right and they have been gone for a month now and both she and I are happy with it and are adjusting tio it well. I am on hormones to help me have small breasts and to keep my skin smooth and my hair heavyer and am on an exercvise and diet program to keep my slim fr<x>ame. I never have had to shave so my face is still smooth and my nipples are swellinbg some and am happy with that and yes am in diapers full time now and am still her sissy bed wetter and both she and her boy friends like me the way that I am so we are all happy now. I suppose that i am a confusing person but I am who I am and I am happy

That is awesome Jimmy and I am glad to hear that both you and your wife are happy with your castration and the developing situation as those hormones feminize you. Do keep us posted on your development, okay?

yes I was castrated 2 years ago and I am now 26 my wife does not enjoy sex but we are both very much in love , I on the other hand had the ususl urges , after much discussion and apprehension as agreeing to her wishes I went ahead with the procedure in Thailand the result's were fairly immediate ,I now have much less muscle tone but overall I feel so much calmer and content , my skin is smoother and head hair thicker also my skin is very much softer , I am and have to admit a liitle more emotional but I can live with that, as for weight gain once you have been castrated the body will tend to put on weight ,i am on a strict diet of no more than 1200 calories a day and have in fact lost weight , all in all I am happy and content and still have sex when my wife has the urge which is more frequent since my op would you believe , she has me totally bared of hair and loves the overall effect of my penis being without an ugly sack hanging .. I am sure I have been lucky but if one should be considering this procedure please please be sure as once they have been removed you are not going to get them back!!

Good response and thanks to hormones which have chemically castrated me my experience has been pretty much the same.

I get the distinct impression that this story is all a fantasy.

Yeah, another fake 'experience".

Thanks and I agree. Of course I had a blood test and that came back fine so my Doctor provided me with the Rx's. She gave me a shot to get me "kick started" as she said, but after that it was low dosages. So the changes, though started immediately, first were more internal, but after 6 months became more obvious. In certain ways it was like having a second puberty, but this time I got it right.

i olso think you did the right thing with the hormones!

Yes ... and I absolutely love how, in even a low dosage, have done their work giving me a more feminine. Yes it is nice to be out and called Ma'am!

Being a bed wetter isn't going to be changed by you wearing a chastity belt or your wife's new idea of castration. Now if her idea for you as her sub is to become more of her sissy then castration might help in that regard. But before you have surgical castration done, have you considered chemical castration. You certainly should. With chemical castration, which if done with you being given female hormones, it will change your body chemistry and you will stop the male and instead gain more in the way of female characteristics, including breasts and hips. Think about it.

At 22 you shouldn't be rushing to change your life forever. What are you going to do if she decides that it was a mistake and leaves you. Who have she picked to father her children. <br />
Who will do the surgery since no license doctor is allow to by law unless there is a medical need. Do your parents know that your wife won't be giving them grandkids.<br />
No body that love you would ever ask for you to ruin your life. Especially at such a young age.<br />
You both need professional help or a divorce.

In reguard to castration, I must say mine have been removed, should I say by an underground doctor in another state, this was done 5 years ago, unless you are a true transsexual or have felt like a girl all your life I would not advise it, for me it was a good thing, like the comment above me by WEARSHOSE you may want to take her advise first, you will get a feeling in your testes that you have never felt before, like me, after they are gone, you will have no feeling there at all, with chemical castration you will still have them, they will not go away or fall off, it's a big step, but one that was right for me,

Thank you for your being honest. i have talked with her and she still wants me to get it done this weeam told that it wont take long and that kend as she has set up a time and place with some one that is a MD and has a surgical suite so I guess it will be done with local anesthetic and once done she wants me to take some female hormones and says that it will make me a lot less anxious and more femme and pretty

It's a pretty extreme body modification, but others have lost them to cancer and done just fine. It's a very major decision that would probably require a cooperative hospital or something "outside the system" like an "understanding" doctor friend, etc. <br />
<br />
How does diane plan on pulling it off (or should I say "pulling them out")?<br />
<br />
Ouch! =====> Diapers....

I am thinking about haveing my testes removed and sent an email to a private hospital to see how much it would cost and here in the UK it will cost me £3.320 which isn't cheap so I don't think that I will be haveing it do unless I win lottery !