Cuckold Castration

My wife and her black bull want me to be castrated. Any advice would be appreciated.
CuckSlave69 CuckSlave69
26-30, M
13 Responses May 27, 2012

it's easy. she can learn how to do on the web.

if u like the idea of never ever having a sex life again. never being turned on watching your wife **** bbc or wanking off thinking about all the bigger ***** ******* your wife. then do it. but the best part of being a cuckold is when u get 2 **** your tiny **** knowing your wife is never been happier now she is bbc only. if u had the castration u would stop being turned on by her need for bbc. and if that happens. there is no pleasure in being a cuckold

I wish my wife's bull would grab my balls and punch them in front of her and her friends. It's his right.

If they want it, then as a cuckold, you should accede to their wishes. If you want to keep the cuckold role, you really have no choice. You should do whatever your black bull tells you to.

my exwife wanted to have me castrated, and use me for her and her boyfriend's house boy, slave. wish i would have left her. i was crazy for leaving, and not letting her.

what did the bull do with your balls. jewelry,dinners,badmitten?

My ex used hormones and anti-androgens to shrink my testes enough to create impotence.

For God's sake, why is she your ex? It sounds like you you were willing to give her whatever she wanted!

how was it done? please let us know. have you eaten them yet?

it should be done in public for greater humiliation. I recommend you wear a slave collar and chains and that a beautiful Negress castrate you while you are on the auction block. You could then be sold as a house boy to the highest bidder.Maybe your wife would bid on you but i reccommend your price be used for her pleasure,

You should totally go through with it--you will love how you feel with them gone, so calm. Totally worth it!!

If you realy want this black bull in your relation,then I would have him castrate you

We talked it over and it was decided that I was to be castrated. Bull castrated me this past Friday. I'm still very sore.

what did the bull use,knife, chainsaw,scizzors/

bull and wife seem content to keep me in chastity. So that's good.

have you been castrated yet? Its a hot fantasy but maybe a step to far - you cannot get your genitals back once their gone!