She Gave It Up On Our First Date

My wife is a hot little minx. I met her at a party, and we clicked talking. A few days later I ran into her and asked her to come by my house for dinner. We never made it to the table - I was pumping her missionary style within minutes of her walking through the door.

She was easy but wasn't any kind of legendary ****, although she definitely liked, and likes, a hard ****. She had only had about ten men, and was pushing thirty when we met. She had been in a series of long term dating relationships since high school, which kept her partner count relatively low. I wasn't her only first date ****, though - I didn't know it at the time I met her, but she had ****** a friend of mine on their first date just a couple of weeks before I met her. I'm sure there were more.

Her previous boyfriends taught her well. She knows how to use it. She gives great blow jobs, and when we **** she writhes until she comes like a freight train.

The funny thing is that even though she was a quick, easy lay, she now talks like she was some kind of prude. She's very critical of the excess of sex talk in society, and acts like sex should only be a religious sacrament. It's odd, given her fuckadelic history, but so long as she keeps rocking my world on a regular basis I will let her have her false memories.
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My wife is perhaps easy, she does give it up on some first dates.... Not always, but generally if she does, he gets it bareback....