One Drink Buys My Wife For The Night

My wife wasn't an easy lay when we met. We met when she was 17 and a virgin and it took six months of dating before we had sex. We got married a few years later and the great, frequent sex we had before we got married, cooled right after our wedding. Bait and switch. However, after a couple of years I convinced her to try going out with another guy to see it I was the only one in the world who wanted sex more than once a week and in other positions than missionary.

At this time, we were living overseas.

After discussing and arguing for a month about her going out, I dropped the subject. Then, we were in a little bar one night having too many drinks when a very suave Greek guy we knew propositioned her. She had gone to the restroom and he followed her. They just kissed back there but the stage was set. When we got back to the room we were in the middle of passionate drunken sex when she asked me if I was serious about her going out. I said I was.

She called him the next day when I was at work. I came back to our room to find a note saying she had gone to meet him. What a night for me, wandering around a foreign city, meeting friends to have a drink and thinking about what she was up to.

I got back to the room about an hour before she did but couldn't fall asleep. When she came in and crawled into bed next to me, the scent of sex was overpowering. We tentatively started fooling around and rapidly progressed to having the hottest sex in years.

Shortly after that we started traveling again and it wasn't before we settled down that she got to know someone well enough to accept a proposition. After that it just got easier and easier for her to accept an offer. About a year later, and three or four boyfriends, she started stopping at bars for happy hour on the way home from work. By then all a guy had to do was buy her a drink and she was his for the night. If he called her again, fine. If he didn't, she would find someone else who would buy her a drink.

I could write a book about her escapades including the time spent with guys she worked with (I knew them and their wives) and even the times she screwed the guy who had been my best friend and best man at our wedding. All the other women said he was the best they had ever had and she just had to try him out.
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This seems to be a dangerous game as your wife could either get sn STD or even go off with another man and you will the last to know.
What I find different to understand is where are you when she goes off to meet men. I t as ke it you both live together and work in a commuter radius to work.
Why have you not tried other women ! ?

Usually I am home when she goes out. Most of the time she just goes out after work. We both travel and she has had affairs and one night stands when she was out of town. I had other women in the early days of our open marriage but found that most of the satisfaction came from her going out.

I'd buy your book.... yum!