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Wife Went To Work With No Panties

I met my wife at lunch time we had arranged to meet half way we met at a little side road and we ended up playing around some she said dont get me all messed up as she had to go back to work I told her to take her panties of then to save me pushing her skirt up and crushing it we played about and she sucked me off while i *********** her after we both  had *** she asked me for her panties I told her no you have to go back to work without them she just about died and said her skirt was to short and not to tease her i told her i would give her pants back if she took her bra off and went back without that then.

She said no way everyone would see that right away without pants nobody might know I said ok no pants today she said well it will be your fault if someone sees up her skirt I told her she would have to keep her legs crossed all day she said thats what she always does but if i dont give her pants back she will sit with her legs uncrossed and said that she sits facing the door and anyone coming to the office would see up her skirt.

I told her she would be to scared to do that she said ok and got out the car and left, all afternoon I was wondering if she was kidding or nor and maybe shouldn't have teased her I was home before her and could not wait when I heard the car and she came in i asked if anybody came to the door she said i am not saying i kept asking her and she said yes there was a delivery man he had buzzed the entry bell to come in with a parcel and thought ok this is what you wanted i asked her ok what did you do she told me she sat with her legs apart and was sort off half turned round pretending to get a file when she turned back she saw him staring under her desk stopped at the door she said when she closed her legs and asked what the parcel was he stuttered and just said you have to sign for it.

He turned and was going out the door and kept the door open a bit longer than he should have so i turned again to put the file back and opened my legs again but wider and are you happy new.

what have i started she was so horny that night.

jackinoff jackinoff 51-55, M 6 Responses Sep 12, 2010

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Great fun - hope she continues to let others see her!

My first wife and I had a little stand off on this. I told I wanted her to go naked under a skirt to a ba<x>seball came. I told her I'd keep them in my pocket if she got embarrassed and wanted to put them later.<br />
<br />
I saw this young vendor do a double take when he looked up to hand her a soda. I looked down to see her knees about a foot apart. She looked at me and smiled. I asked if she wanted her panties.<br />
<br />
She told me she didn't need them, but any time I wanted her to wear them that I would have to ask her.<br />
<br />
I told her if she want to give a good view she should sit on the aisle, which she quickly did.<br />
<br />
I guess I should put this into a story.

Great fun. Hope there are many more times she had some sexy fun like that and let many others enjoy her bod!

my wife once did this on a night what a night that was

I wish you allowed me to see her hairless p............y.I am getting excited

excellent! she was very brave to show her bare ***** like that, hope it made her horny for you!

I'll be making deliveries every day!