My Wife's Boss Tells Her To Come To Work Braless

I have written on my wife being rather submissive to her boss at work in other areas of EP. She works in the office for a construction company where she is the only female employed. Her sublissive nature began when she noticed that in the summertime, on Friday afternoons, the men would watch ***** flicks in the coffee room as they drank beer. Her boss asked her if she would serve the men beer and chips as they watched the movies. She felt embarrassed as she walked around sercing them beer as she couln't help but see the movies of a girl getting ****** on the screen. She woukld hear the remarks about the girls in the movie, and then the remarks wee about her body, and how sexy she looked.
When she told me of this routine, I did get excited, knowing that her co workers were staring at her ** and **** . I told her that I did find it exciting, and on Friday evenings we always had great sex. I told her that I found the idea of her serving them drinks exciting.
After 3-4 weeks, her boss asked her if she would ever consider omiting her bra on Fridays, knowing that the men would appreciate it even more. At first she hesitated, and told him that she might consider doing it only if her husband didn't mind. When she mentioned it to me, I told her that it was up to her, but that I did not mind, in fact I found it hot. She reminded me that her jerseys were rather tight, and that her blouses were almost sheer. I told her that I would leave it up to her. My wife then went to her boss and agreed to serve the beverages to her co workers, and that she would not be wearing a bra on that day.
As planned, my wife arrived at work wearing a rather tight jersey with no bra whatsoever. Her large **** bounced as she prepared herself that morning, and her nipples stuck out clearly. When she retuned home, she stated that the day went fine, including her serving beer to the men despite her braless look. She said at first she was embarrased with her **** bouncing and her nipples sticking out, but after a few minutes, she went about serving beer and pizza and actually enjoyed the feel of her **** against her jersey. She also got accustomed to a few of the remarks. Overall, a great idea and fun to talk about in the bedroom.

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I always encourage my wife to go braless. She has 36DD. Plus big nipples. I live when others look at her. Love the shake her boobs have when she walks braless. Huge turn on knowing others are looking.

That bounce, wobble and jiggle is always a wonderful sight to see!

Sexy. Any other adventures?

Great wife helping out the team. You think it will go any further.

did you ever get around to posting pics of your wife?

Love your wife's attitude! Lets hope she keeps up the great work. Did she keep doing it on Fridays and did the male co-workers get any more bold with the touching of her ****? I think it is great that when you two talk about her **** bouncing and her nipples poking through her shirt at work, it turns you on and makes your own sexlife hotter! Great couple.

Service with a smile :)

Admittedly, yes some touching occured. My wife told me later that only about two of the men reached out and touched her ****, but nothing offending. It didn't bother her at all since it didn't get out of hand, and it cetainly did not upset me.

Great story and a great wife. Wonder what would have happened if the guys were a little more forward, unbuttoning her shirt, etc. Would she go topless for them? Did you encourage her to do more?

. .. . touching too?