Cherry -red nipple show!

My wife Carol was going out last night to a works presentation night, at which she was due to make a short speech.

We had a bit of a 'fall out' and I decided not go, as it would just escalate into something major.

Now, we have been married for quite a few years, and Carol has always been proud of her figure;especially her boobs and bum!

I have always encouraged her to go bra-less when we are out together. At first she would do this just to please me. But after a while, it became 'second nature' to her, as she enjoyed the freedom of not wearing a bra, except when she had to, for work  etc.

She has 36c boobs and very large nipples which you could hang a hat on when they are erect!

When she was getting ready to go out recently, she wore a pair of very tight white trousers and a flimsy cherry-coloured top.

Although we weren't 'talking' over a silly argument, she asked me to fasten her gold necklace. I obliged and as I did so, realised that she was bra-less.

I didn't mind, although it was unusual for her, if we weren't out together.

"She is just trying to make me jealous", I thought.

I was not going to rise to the bait, as I hate jealousy. Privately, I was glad that she had the self-confidence to do so and  I got quite turned-on at the fact that she would be the centre of attraction, when she was on-stage to make her presentation in front of a mixed audience that couldn't fail to see her rock hard nipples through her semi-transparent top.

When she arrived back home about midnight, she was 'quite merry' after several glasses of wine.

She told me that her presentation speech had gone down well with her largely male audience and that she had her picture taken for the local newspaper.

"I seemed to get a lot of attention from the photographer as well as my boss, who kept buying me drinks and putting his arm around me", she told me, trying to unclasp her necklace.

At first I thought she was teasing me. But it soon became apparent that she wasn't!

By this time it was dark, and I had switched the livingroom lights on.

I just stood up to help her remove her necklace. As I did so, I stood her in front of the fireplace mirror and smiled at her.

"Maybe now you can see why", I said.

Looking at her own reflection, she realised that under lights, her top was practically see-through and her nipples would have been obvious to all the VIP guests, including her boss, all evening.....especially under the bright stage lights!

I have never seen her blush so much, as her immediate thoughts were of all her work colleagues getting a full view of her gorgeous breasts.

"Nobody said anything to me tonight. Not even in the ladies room", she said, rushing upstairs to get changed.

Coming back down, she was wearing my dressing gown. By this time she had calmed down, and was having a laugh about what all the heads of department at work would be teasing her the next day and then again when her picture appeared in the local paper.

She came over to me,(blocking my view of the TV) and opening the robe, revealed everything, including rock-hard nipples as well as dark stockings and a knickerless  shaven slit.

My wife said: "I really had no idea! But they only got to SEE my nipples get to touch and suck them. But not until morning, I'm so tired!", she said teasingly.

I work on the computer during the night, but a few hours later, I took her tea and toast in bed -with extra marmalade for me to suck off her nipples and now wet gash.

As she enjoyed her breakfast in bed...I certainly did the same....a sweet and sticky one, before bringing myself off on her face and then sharing a shower with her, as she prepared to face her staff at work and the inevitable tittering and comments.

As it turned out, nobody in  department said anything, at least not to her face. But then she is their boss!


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7 Responses Jul 11, 2009

Fantastic, is there a chance I could see them please?

Was her photo published in the newspaper? If so, could you post it?

I would have loved to see that myself she looks like a true knock out

Good story. It would have been fun to have been there as well. Do you think she would do it again with knowledge of her show?

Nice story. A real turn-on for you (both?).

As my friiends in the UK say "Good Show".<br />
<br />
Even better that she can laugh about it afterwards.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing with us.

When they choose to be good girls, fun accidents happen! I'm sure she was pleased in many ways and especially by the marmalade.