Only With Friends ...

My wife is quite well endowed - about 38DDD - and usually wears a cast iron bra.  Even so her nipples make a dent for all to see.  She is conservative at work, but does like "slinky" type clothes that mold to her voluptuous body and breasts.  However, when we are with good friends she goes without a bra and with the slinky material of her dresses or tops and skirts they are really nice to see. Her nipples move against the material as she walks or dances, irritating them and they become large and hard, showing not only the nipple but the areole and smaller indentations around the nipple.  This makes the dances, especially the slow ones, very nice.  When she wears high heels it makes her breasts a vision in motion.

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

My wife does the same and with some of our close friend our wives will all go topless for us--its a great time for all

Sounds like a lot of fun for both of you. Thanks for sharing.

you need to encourage her to do this more often.