The Show Pt. 2

I didn't know what to expect at this point. He'd found my toys, had me on the bed with nothing but a robe over my teddy an underware. This hunk of a black man now stood before me with that I'm in control look on his face. He then asked me if hubby wasn't giving me all I needed, and if I was up to it did I want some hard black **** from a real man. I was speechless as I noticed the growing outline of a rather large hard on under his jeans. He then told me to remove my robe so he could see what a horny little ***** like me had to offer. as I paused he told me to do like he said, he knew I wanted it. I could feel the dampness between my legs knowing he was right. As I opened my robe I knew he could see my hard nipples beneath my teddy. Damm ***** you need it bad don't ya ? How could he know this I wondered? Afraid to move, afraid not to, I watched as he walked around the bed to hubby's nightstand. Going thur the top drawer he found more cash, hubby's rings and cuff links. As he opened the lower drawer, I held my breath hoping he would not pay any attention to our home movie dvd's. Fat chance, as he picked up the stack and begin reading title's. Susie an Tina, Susie at the club, Susie hubby and Trish, Susie's new toy, Susie solo, Susie solo, and Susie solo he remarked. Glancing at the big screen on the wall, he looked at me and said solo Susie must be really hot. As he inserted the disk, he told me he just had to see if my sexy little *** and that **** me please look in my eye was for real. Grabbing the remote, he fluffed a pillow and landed right beside me on the bed. As the movie begin, he pulled my right shoulder back to the pillow beside him. I knew as the dvd started that he had chosen one of my favorite turn-on's, hubby an I masterbaiting together. We are both already naked with hubby stroking his thick **** and spanking my hard nipples with it, as I am using one hand to part my ***** lips while the other teases my ****
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Jan 12, 2013