Can't Rape A Willing Soul

Hubby is now pinching and twisting my nipples, driving me crazy as he continue's playing with his ****. I now have my ***** hot and wet, teaseing my **** and dipping my fingers in my ****. Watching hubby play, I ask if he is making that hard **** feel good, as his reply is one long moan. Becoming more and more turned-on I glance at this black hunk's hard-on about to bust out of hiding. Turning toward me he ask if I like watching a man pleasure himself? Reaching over and twisting my right nipple, I can only wimper as I tell him how wet it makes me. You better get that ***** good an wet he says as he unsnaps his jeans and slides them down revealing a very thick and at least 10" black ****. As he slowly strokes his **** up and down, he leans over and ask if I've ever had any black lovin? As a no escapes my lips he lifts my teddy and begins sucking an licking my swollen nipples. He stops and looking into my eye's tells me that I'm about to find out why women consider the black man God's gift of manhood. He raises up and straddles my waist putting his hot **** between my ***'s. ******* my ***'s his **** is so long, each thrust places his **** between my lips. His **** is so hard, I can't wait for him to fill my ***** full of his black meat. As he slows his assault on my breast, he takes his hot night stick and slaps my face and asking if I like it. Moving to the side of my face, he now orders me to suck his ****, which I grab eagerly. as i suck and play, he grabs my ***** begin rubing my ***** with it. I can't believe this is about to happen, but I can't stop myself from licking and sucking his big hard ****. Seeing his massive set of balls, I lower my lips and suck each one in my mouth as he is spanking my ***** and rubbing my **** with my *****. He has me so horny for him. As I am thrusting my hips upward, my thief/lover tells me how I need a **** sliding in my *****. I can only moan as I'm making love to his **** with my mouth.
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Jan 12, 2013