It's Not My Fault

Gasping, I feel my lover ease the head of my ***** between my wet, inviting ***** lips.Your ***** needs some **** in it huh baby? You keep ******* my **** with your mouth and I'll get your ***** ready for some black loving, unless you want me to stop, he tells me.With his beautiful hard **** in my mouth and gently splitting my ***** lips with the **** head of my *****, all I could say was to please not stop, I'll do anything you ask. He laughed as he begin pumping my ***** with my toy. Moaning, I cupped his big balls with one hand and he grabbed my hair and roughly pounded more and more black **** down my throat while slow ******* my *****, driving me insane. With one hand I grabbed his black shiny *** and worked my mouth hard on his ****, while I grabbed my ***** with the other and worked it balls deep in my hot little ***** faster and faster. You had to have all that **** in your ***** didn't you baby? Uh huh was all I could say as I felt his hot *** shooting in my mouth. My ***** begins to tremble and throb as I'm now ******* all over my *****. He jerks his still hard **** from my lips and my ***** from my soaked ****, grabbeds my hips and flips me over, slaps my *** and tells me that it's time my hot little ***** got a real *******. With his fingers dug in the flesh of my *** he slides his entire **** into my ***** and stops. He slowly ease's back out only to slam my **** full again. About 30 sec.of this and I'm begging him to **** my ****. Having just *** in my mouth, he pounds my ***** forever it seems. He has my hair in one hand and is smacking my *** with the other finally pumping my **** full of his *** that mixes with my own . I could not tell if my ***** ever stopped ******* during the whole trip to the moon and back
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Jan 12, 2013