Me ,myself and I.

As Bob Marley sang  "You can fool some people sometimes,but you cant fool the people all of the time.", and also he sang, "Your best friends are your worst enimies,".   I am my worst enemy, I dont posses an other enemy but my self.   I feel like I am in a world full of me,In my head there are some heavy characters that just jump all over me,  I try so hard to believe in my self and do fine for a week or two and before you know it am back where I was and hadnt moved at all.  I blame this and that when really I only have myself to blame, why when I know it is me that is killing I, then why cant I wise up.My face is backed up now against the wall coz ive cornerd my self, 


rosygal rosygal
46-50, F
Jul 26, 2007