Horrible Experience

ok I was 14 and home alone with my 4 older brothers. The oldest brother Justin was 18, my brothers Jake and Derek were 16, and Mike was 15. I some how got them SO MAD and they chased me all over the house. Once they caught me they tried to give me a wedgie but saw I was in boxers. My little 8 year old sister wasnt home, so they held me down and Justin put her pink hello kitty panties on me. They were hella small and hurt my balls. After that they dragged me to the basement and pinned me down again. And ******** me down to just the panties. Then they went over to our chin ups bar and Justin took the bar off (because it is ajustable) and they hooked it through the leg holes of the underwear. They put it up at the 6 feet (I am 5'4) They made me drink lots of water while I was hanging. My balls were killing me and I had to pee BAD. They could tell somehow and said **** yourself or we will beat the **** out of you, then they punched me hard and gave me a black eye. I had a tear in my eye and pissed myself. Then they called some girls over and they laughed and took pictures. Then my brothers started pulling on me and ripped the underwear and exposed my junk. The girls laughed and took more pictures. I was so embarresed!
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Jan 11, 2013