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I was at camp with my boyfriend when i was sixteen, (im 18 now) and if you want to know YES it was boys and girls. It was a summer field trip for our grade. Anyways, we had just got done swimming and changed. The problem was there was no toilets. We were supposed to go behind trees, but Jake (my bf) and i both hated to pee outside. Luckily i bearly had to go! But i noticed him squirming. He held himself whn he thought i wasnt looking. After abbout 10 minutes he had his legs crossed. I saw his friends head over. I told him they were coming. They at on the other side of the tableinfront of us. I noticed a small wet spot on hi pants. Then he whispered in my ear, i have to go and NOW!! We stoodup and turned around. I noticed it get a little bigger. It was about the size of an orange. I didnt know what to doand he said n whenitold him to go on a tree. we wentsomewhere private here he could cross and hold himself while we thought what to do. He crossed his legs andheld himself really hard. Suddenly i couldnt help myself and hugged him. I backed up after that and he said he should just pee himself. I didnt want to see him in misery though. I snuck a bucket that wa by the lake and ran bac quickl. I told him to go in the bucket. He whent behindthe tree and sat on it with hispants down. I was expeting him to stand. I quess he figured it would be a whil. He came back and said hecouldnt. I slapped myself. Then i noticed him peeing. Wen he was done the pee was all over him. I hugged him and said oh well. The i noticed how bad i had to pee. He saw me crossin my legs and told me to go in the bucet. so i did. We still are dating today.
superpeegirl superpeegirl 18-21, F 2 Responses Oct 6, 2011

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