Happy Birthday Kate!

Last night the dog (who follows me everywhere) went running back downstairs (could be a troubled sign, esp. since he wouldn't go "out" in the rain), only to return with his beloved stuffed giraffe (well, someone's getting humped, at least, haha).  I woke at 3:18 to the cat and dog, wrestling over the sacred spot (closest to my tummy to sleep). The cat who nudges me constantly from 3:30 on to get up (no it doesn't work to throw him out unless I literally throw him outside because then he beats on the bedroom door).  I grudgingly got up.  It took me an hour this morning to remember.    Happy birthday, Kate.  Don't forget to edit your age on EP.  You've gone up (and you all thought it was tough getting one year older, having to change the age adds 5 years automatically!)
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May 15, 2012