... does the United States welcome immigrants inside who are -obviously- only here to work in a restaurant, and on their "off time" only going to take a "****" on any intellectuals -born here- who they happen to meet?
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The way a country becomes happy and product is to value knowledge and constructive over other things. This can be taught to the people who don't get it yet. I never volunteered to be part of their 'coursework' while they make fun of or irritate me to learn this though..

Well there are immigrants who come to the US from places like Russia and Romania and are here to be software developers, engineers and the like... I have no problem with them... we need them in fact. But some people come here from countries that have essentially failed because the attitude in those places is "**** ideas and individualism" and when those people get here it's clear that they've brought that attitude with them.... <br />
<br />
Now I realize that no-one is safe as kong as there are "unhappy people" around. So these unhappy people need to probably be helped somehow... Maybe it's best to help them "over there" then let them come here and screw things up more...

I'm not sure what you're saying here. <br />
It seems like what you're trying to say is that Americans are smarter than immigrants and that the latter are all just a bunch of parasites. If that is what you're trying to say, you aren't representing America very well at all. For example, Einstein -who is considered by some to be the smartest man to have ever lived- was Austrian. <br />
If that isn't what you're trying to say, then I humbly apologize.

And some people are gonna go "Well terrorism wins wars"... and like the free world is only gonna jump through those hoops so many times before they shut down down the cowardly 'countries' 'harboring' -that ****-.