The Debt Ceiling And The Game Of Congress And The Media On Our People.

The Congress funnels money from the people to their friends by playing psychological games and the public falls for it every time.

The War of Red and Blue.
Congress needs to STOP the insane spending and acting like complete irresponsible children, spending ‘outrageously’  more  than what is actually taken in, then refuse, absolutely refuse to trim the fat.    

The Congress refuse to cut fat and the Republicans refuse to raise taxes.   As a whole, they all stink because I suspect they are all united in fooling the public.    Our Congress , instead of being 'fiscally responsible' and arguing over the budget, they sit and argue over which public sector will pay for it!   Astonishing! 

They play the public for fools.  They play  ‘divide and conquer’ on the public in a war of RED and BLUE with the media  to help fuel the fire of finger pointing between the public of the RED and BLUE Parties in the attempt to divert what is really going on - they funnel money from the public to their friends in bids blowing up the budget, then have the media focus not on their 'spending' but on which group in society will PAY FOR IT.    The argument then becomes not who is spending on what but who will pay for the spending -  will it be the poor and middle class or the wealthy?  Will it be cuts in SS or raised taxes?   Our Congress is spectacular at diverting focus away from themselves and making the public of RED and BLUE fight.     Sadly, the public falls for this every time!   Just read the threads in the news articles.  I’m tired of watching our Congress play our people like fools. 

We must stand united and pressure our Congress.  We want them to start trimming the FAT and we can start by cutting from the WAR DEPT.    We The People,  must stand UNITED against these politicians who are sinking our country into outrageous debt.  year after year after year.

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Astute insight. And adjusted for the UK the same games of divide and rule and distraction are played here. We are ALL being played for mugs.

Here, our Congress (both Republicans and Democrats) consistently pass a WAR budget of $800 Billion per year - with no major media attention. Astonishing! Even Britain spends less than $100 Billion a year! Canada, about $20 Billion. The tremendous budget of WAR in America is beyond bloated. Then after funds are allocated, the two sides fight over whether or not to tax the rich more or cut from the poor - it's never about their bloated WAR budget - just who will pay. So tired of people fighting instead of uniting. : (

Time for the people to wake up....if only the so called 'news' organizations let you post such remarks. Anyone who regularly comments on the so-called-news sites with any kind of insight, understands the depth of comments being blocked or 'delayed' in posting.

It's becoming clear to many, just how the gov't and media work together to manipulate the public sentiment.

I'm stunned at your war budget. I had no idea . I wonder where the money is being spent.
Standard media is frustrating. I have been blocked from so many sites for no apparent reason. I suppose by the time the newspapers have been driven to extinction they will have the internet completely wrapped up a la Snowden.

Yes. What is mind boggling is how many Americans are ignorant to the fact of how much America spends for our War Dept. and it's ratio to the War budgets of other countries.

We are a MIC WAR Country with a drive-thru thirst for power.

There is a reason why the mainstream media blocks you - they do not want the 'truth' being disclosed to their audience.

Now, Huffington Post requires your face book page as id for making comments. Readers have left in droves to other sites.