1st Month Of Marriage

We got marriage last month.. its love marriage (2 yrs of knowing eachother),,m 23 n he is 30,,,he was kinda crazy on me though i know he is selfish too...after marriage he starts showing his real faces..i do all the household work there..i do job as well but i can't get any help from him though i ask..he don't do anything more thaning being infront of TV ..he drinks too..but before marriage he used to listen me but now its being hard for me to convince him..its just a first month of marriage and we do have sex just a twice a week,,m sure this is not normal...

yesterday even he beat me with all his anger..i was helpless couldn't do more than crying...he thinks every act i do is wrong..he don't care if i cry that hurts me most..if i cry he beat me more to stop me..i even tried suicide too but he caught me..he act as if its normal..he didn't give damn...he act normal..how could he do so ? m just pissed off..mah eyes r still hurting because of whole nite cry..can't tell to my parents coz i don't wanna make them sad too....plsss

say somehting..i ll feel warm...
sweetie87 sweetie87
Aug 3, 2010