If You Are Not Meant For Me........

Then I will let you go with a free heart. I will always love you, but I will carry that love around with fondness, not hurt. I will take it out every once & awhile & cherish the memories we have made. I wanted you to know that no matter what comes in our future, whether together or apart, my love for you will live on in memories but I will let you go freely. Enjoy your life my love, & I hope you can think of me from time to time with a smile, not a tear.

Goddess Bless <3

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

i so much want to be able to say that, without crying as i am now because i just read it

Well i am not exactly there yet, but in time, God help me, i will let him go...

WOW, I couldn't have said it any better. Its as if you are going through something similiar to me.. I miss him dearly, but I already let him go and will always cherish him and love him with all my heart and do hope he thinks of me as well.