The Great Hall Of Souls

I was approached by one of my circle of friends and they asked a question about how is it possible that one can tell what the other is about before they even speak and I had thought back at this story that I truly beleive in with all my heart. This young lady told me about this person that she fell so much inlove with long before she even knew him and I like to exsplain a few things that might shed some light on this subject. I am going to go back in the beginning where even before the first person was born, we all shared a very special place known as the Hall Of Souls, and in that hall each soul is paired off because they are meant to be that way because the feelings they have for one another. In that time in which can be for eternity they will love one another like no other. When a baby is born, each soul is chosen to inhabit that child then another and so on, now we all have based our true love by exspressing I will know my true love when I feel they are my soul mates. That is the defining moment when you know deep down inside that he or she is right. As we start to grow some call a childs love puppy love when in fact its a glimmer of somthing greater, it isn't somting that is taught because its in each one of us when we are born.

When you meet that soul mate for the first time in human form it is unlike anything you have felt before, its the kind of love that only two souls can posess. The defination of the greatest love is when two are so much inlove with one another and they exspress it by making love, its not to fullfill ones own desires, its to fullfill the one they love there own desires. Every child is born with a certain mark, now some can be seen clearley and others may be just a small freckle or dot on the skin and each of those marks is the kiss that one soul gave to the other before they parted to the birthing child.

So when you see a person with a strawberry or freckle or a dot, remind them that they were kissed by there soul mate along time ago.
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Absolutely beautiful and it makes so much sense. Thank you for that beautiful story. I love it.

don't be afraid to show love and to be loved

thank you for reading this, there are plenty I am sure you will find equally enjoyable.

That is one of the most beautiful pieces of spirituality i have ever seen written. i have always felt that souls who meet in a life time and are so connected that they feel a very intense devotion, attraction, emotions toward one another, they stay connected through different incarnations where we will meet again and get to know each other further and in always even deeper ways. This to me is a gift from God. That these people return into our lives again so we can further explore each other and have that full, meaningful, wonderful relationship shared again and again. When a person can bring tears to your eyes from the overwhelming emotions of true love you feel for them, that's real. That is soul mate love. This post of yours red was so magnificent. Never stop writing. You shot an arrow into my heart :0) xoxoxoxoxxoxo

don't be afraid of the unknown or look for it, this will happen one day soon

I like to believe this story very much.<br />
Somehow it scares me and it pushes me to run away, maybe deep inside my heart I don`t want to be a soulmate to anyone.<br />
<br />
I enjoyed reading it.

I am pleased that you enjoyed the story Debbie

I enjoyed the story very much. It is very touching. I believe to have found my soul mate and hope the same for everyone else. Thanks for sharing.

i could always feel him when he was near ...and i knew what he was thinking most of the time ...<br />
i think we were together before this lifetime because we were like puzzle pieces that fit into each other making two halfs a whole .....its hard to live in this world without him here ...i feel so alone a big piece of me is missing ....

Thank you Schmee, I am pleased that you have been given the chance to experience this. Perhaps one day you can share your story on how you come to the conclusion as to how you found your soul mate

Angel eyes, it doesn't have to be a birth mark, it can also be a freckle or two or thre or well you get the picture :O)

no I haven't seen it, i am glad you like it

being in human form we are trapped into a time line, although we are lomited to what can be done in our life time, we can continue so back in the great hall of souls, we have done our work. Its time to go home

if dots were moles on the skin..well, I'd been kissed so many times. by my soulmate..hahaha<br />
<br />
I love this story, great one...but I believe that soulmates never end up together in the long run...only their souls unite but never their bodies.

Kik they do exist, I am so sure of it as well as my heart is beating it does exist.

Wow that is an amazing story, one that i would hope was true. But then agian i dont have a birth mark so maybe no one kissed me. Haha! Only joking. Could be a freckle after all and i have loads of them.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing with your very nice way of writing.

interesting response kik thanks

I mean it sounds like a nice science fiction story........glamorous, vain, and tragic (romantic)......<br />
=/<br />
I don't believe in soul mates.........they kill.

its not about how many souls mates that reflect the freckles or birth marks, it means you were kissed that many times ;O)

i got a lot of freckles lol does it mean i got a lot of soulmates?? hehe.. just wondering..

Twin flames (also can be called Twin Souls) are pretty much like soul mates except the connection is supposed to be even deeper and stronger and more powerful. Oftentimes, according to what I've read, twin flames don't have the same sort of ease that soul mates do---though their connection is strong and deep and powerful, sometimes other circumstances prevent them from uniting in this life, at least not in marriage---some of these things could be a huge age difference, they may live far apart, or they may have already married someone else before the twin flames meet. I could probably find a good website or two that talks about twin flames; there are also a few groups on EP about Twin Flames. One is "I Have Found My Twin Flame" and the other, I think, is "I Love My Twin Flame". There might be more.

Brie a friend of mine mentioned this thing known as twin flmaes and I am trying to get some insight into wehat its all about, would you enlioghten me on that subject?

I am glad you enjoyed it

According tot he story, the fading of a birthmark is an indication that you are very close to finding your soul mate or they are lose to finding you. I liked the story of Plato, the thing is the split was doen not so much in the spritual sense but in a physical one. Kind of brings me tot he story of Adma and Eve when god took Adam's tib and made a woman, if you go to google and type in the physiology of both makle and female, you should find that a woman had one extra rib than her male counter part ;O)

So any of you feel that there isn't anyone out there for, let them find you, they already know who you are to them, its just a matter fo time. Look at it this way, you two hav spend an eternity together,

littleblessings I am happy you enjoyed it, there are many more involved with this story and I will add it from time to time, the things is I truly beleive in this and perhaps it wil answere questions as to why people are able to find there soul mates, the kind that lasts forever

I agree, that sometimes soul mates/twin flames don't/can't end up together, but there is a strong connection that can't be ignored.

I am pleased it reached you