I See.....

I see a bad moon a rising. Some thing made me say this and I hope that I am wrong.
Lizzy2046 Lizzy2046
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I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way. This is all I see . Forgot the lyrics now I will have to look them up.

That happens Lynn

To wage war is easy to the imbeciles.<br />
Establish the peace is a Divine work which asks to the men & people to surpass itself themselves.<br />

Well said my friend.

True said my bff Liz "It's best to avoid war and stay in peace" Your appreciated .

I got your meaning for saying these words my darling Liz. All's fair in love and war my sweetie.

I thought so Mr.C It's best to avoid war and stay in peace thats all I can say..

My friend C: Is that so? .........:)

Gr8jesus it is so Cause I will remain as strong &amp; brave as a soldier when I feel the need to.

Excellent song Damn i love this song! Listening to it makes me happier for some reason :) God Bless All Of Our Soldiers !. Rest in Peace Vietnam 1963 I Salute You!!!... and ALL of America's Veterans!!!...Love You, My Man!!! Thumbs up ..:)

Great comment gr8jesus.

Beautifully crafted my best friend forever Magnificent, brilliant meter and flow Much Love and Respect Always..:)