As I came here today to check on the lady who has my heart. I know she has been going through some rough times for the past week. I was only wanting to take her mind off her troubles and keep her smiling when deep down inside she is fighting all kinds of emotions. Just a friendly note to let Lizzy know that I am only a phone call away if she needs a shoulder to cry on. I am always here for her. I know she will not like seeing this written here. I only did it so she knows I mean it cause I care for her. Okay Liz I am ready for you to let me have it with both barrels. So go ahead my dear.
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7 Responses Jun 29, 2011

Thank you CuriousAngelina I like what your heart is telling you.

Awe bummer for you.

I wish or more like in your dreams is what I am told.

Awe how sweet my favorite couple, just kidding you two.

I know you do and I truly appericate you.

I meant ever word of what I said. It is my pleasure sweetie.

I did offer your heart back to you. I will not shot you for all the love and support you have been giving me but I am not pleased you wrote this but I know why you did. Thank you for all you do.