I Miss Ep

I really miss being on EP sharing with my friends. I started with two jobs now I have four in the works. I like the pay and the people I am around But I miss spending time with my friends on EP. Once I get all things set to some order I will have more free time. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still around and doing well. Not sitting on my backside has helped me in so many ways it makes me feel more needed and appreciated and that is what keeps me going. I have a need to help others and that is what I am doing. Life is good when you have that feeling. Everyone has a special place in my heart. Hugs to you All...May God Bless You All.
Lizzy2046 Lizzy2046
46-50, F
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Thanks Richard All is good here,hope it is for you.

Maybe so Lynn. He does need someone to keep him in line you can try since he does not listen to me to well.

C is heartbroken since his woman is not here on her toes more like keeping him in line.

:( Heartbroken ):

Mr.C To give to others is to give to yourself....:)

I hope you are just joking here.

Mr C knows that as well as we do. He is such a clown and likes to give me a hard time.

Someone has to keep you on your toes sweetie.

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You have a heavy load there Please don't overload yourself there is no one to take your place in my heart You're the only one

A lovely thing to say Lynn and I will not be that stupid I got it all worked out.Thank you

Although we miss you here on Ep But also Liz I much appreciate your kindness towards others I proudly say, I'M YOU BEST FRIEND FOREVER! Hands that help are holier than lips that pray help ever, hurt never I always remember that the heart is happiest when it beats for others May the angels protect you May God always keep an eye on you God always bless you..!!. Hugs & Peace...:)

Beautiful my BFF. Thank you.

I guess that calls for 4 beers. Don't worry,I'll drink them. Cheers my friend.

You can drink the beer and I will drink my Cherry Dr.Pepper. Cheers