First Thing In The Morning..give Me A Break!

I don't mean any harm but lord have mercy ladies... no.. you are not.. just female beings.

I am trying to wake up here, i scroll down and read folks stories headings... all i want to do is close my eyes again!!!! Nearly half naked females, boobs staring me in the eyes... ****...

if that is all you think you have to offer is your bodies part... go for it.. but on your profile pictures... give me a break. lol... The only males you will get are horny shallow dicks!

Put your nude pictures on your photos ..not for the rest of us to see.

That all i wanted to say!
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Your not being a brat, fact is there are a lot of us on EP that does not want to see the body parts. Keep it private and give others a choice to see your body is the way I see it.

Thanks Lizzy. i try to mind my own business but..ya know.. it is my business when i read here and all this nearly **** shots are getting quite bad here. they want others to see their naked bodies... do it in all i got to say.

I hear you, Breeze. It's a bit of a jolt to be faced with bare body parts right off the bat.<br />
<br />
Leave 'em in your albums, please!

exactly hon. and all the sucking, licking and sex **** for all to read is getting out of hand. it tells me that ... one.. i feel sorry for them ..two... when they get my age... that camera shoot willbe pointed more southbound. lol... oh well.. im being a brat. but it is what it is!