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First Thing In The Morning..give Me A Break!

I don't mean any harm but lord have mercy ladies... no.. you are not.. just female beings.

I am trying to wake up here, i scroll down and read folks stories headings... all i want to do is close my eyes again!!!! Nearly half naked females, boobs staring me in the eyes... ****...

if that is all you think you have to offer is your bodies part... go for it.. but on your profile pictures... give me a break. lol... The only males you will get are horny shallow dicks!

Put your nude pictures on your photos ..not for the rest of us to see.

That all i wanted to say!
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze 56-60, F 4 Responses May 8, 2012

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With very infrequent exceptions, I am definitely on board with your thoughts here. To me it seems people are so willing to be 'fast food' just to get some attention. The level of desperation for attention [even the shallow kind] in the human race is surprising.

lol.. fast food! cool! yes, it is desperation for attention... my heart goes out to them too... hope they find someone solid to suit their pleasures on ALL levels! Have a blessed day/weekend.

You as well MB! Thank ye~

Your not being a brat, fact is there are a lot of us on EP that does not want to see the body parts. Keep it private and give others a choice to see your body is the way I see it.

Thanks Lizzy. i try to mind my own business but..ya know.. it is my business when i read here and all this nearly **** shots are getting quite bad here. they want others to see their naked bodies... do it in all i got to say.

I hear you, Breeze. It's a bit of a jolt to be faced with bare body parts right off the bat.<br />
<br />
Leave 'em in your albums, please!

exactly hon. and all the sucking, licking and sex **** for all to read is getting out of hand. it tells me that ... one.. i feel sorry for them ..two... when they get my age... that camera shoot willbe pointed more southbound. lol... oh well.. im being a brat. but it is what it is!

Often I wonder if maybe that's all they have to offer...

it must be! well.. i got those things too! lol.. but they are for behind closed doors with special men... no every tom, **** or hairy ;) lol...