High School Graduation

I went to the graduation of a friends daughter. Mom was so happy and proud of her daughter who was a shining. We all meet at a club to celebrate afterwards. I noticed mom was sad and weepy. I thought she should be happy. What do I know since I have no kids. I found out real quick what was up she will be facing the empty nest with daughter moving going to college hundred of miles away. I can see the pain and worry my friend has as we sat and talked.I feel her pain we talked for hours sweet memories this mom shared of her time with her baby. Gave me more insight about how a mother feels when her babies leave the nest. She did a fine job of raising her daughter being a divorced mom.  
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Sweet C great thought you have there.

Congrats to all the Seniors and to the people who have helped them make that day possible.

I will and Thank you.

Contact me any time you need to. I will keep a big supply on stock.

Thanks might need more than one box at this rate.

I know ( handing you a box of tissue) You need a few.

That is wonderful. Yes they are. We are happy yet sad cause they grow up and move on in life.

Two thumbs up for her.My friends daughter is going with nursing.These kids are amazing.

She is saying Agriculture Business. She has enough credits to start college as a sophomore,She is on cloud nine.

Sweet. What is your youngest major?

Wonderful. We know about the cost since our oldest daughter has been and got her bachelors degree she is working on her masters for teaching math and science. It is a big expense but worth in.

My friends daughter got a four year scholarship. They are happy with the cost of higher education they needed it or she would not have gone to college.

Thanks Lynn I will be needing them. I want to let go but theres the part of my that is having a hard time of letting her go.

Sweet I got a taste of it last night I have plenty of tissues for you and my friend.

Yes, she will but only an hour away thank God.

Congrats to her. Bittersweet fits. Will your daughter be leaving home to?

I can relate my baby girls graduation is Friday. What I call a bittersweet time..