Giving It All I Got

Won't go into much, ... long story short... I am trying to regain my strength, correct mistakes, make something of myself and life. Don't know if it... nor myself can make it so. But i am trying like hell to do so.

I miss you ALL! I always think of my friends here and hope you all are doing fine and dandy....if not... NEVER GIVE UP! ok Smile oh... hugs and kisses
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2012

Sure glad you made it. Shows what persistence can do.

Me too dear. ;-) It ain't over yet, still giving it all I got! x

I think I understand. Hope you are back some day soon. I missed reading your post before sending out a message to you. Get strong and heal up for us.. Yes we are rooting for you... I know I am.

hmm, still kicking butt and taking names in this old world! lol... My computer is being fixed, and then i will get back on asap. you are always so kind to me, thank you.

well, I'm here today, for the first time in very long while.

*smile* it is always so good to see you. hoping all is well in your world.

not really well, no

You got this, you know you can do this just put your dancing shoes on then dance your way thru till you get to where you want to be.

lol... God love ya! yup, i'm still shaking my booty but got these callouses on my feet these days