Naked In Hotel Hot Tub

While at the hotel spa we were told about the pool and hot tub. The staff said it is a must do event after a massage. They even said they would supply disposable suits if we needed them. The disposable suit was pretty much glorified paper and was not at all stylish.

While settling the massage bill I told the woman behind the desk that I appreciated the tour of the pool and hot tub and my question as to whether or not suits were even required was answered when I saw the hot tub was adjacent to the hotel pool and used by mixed company of all hotel guests. She said that the family that was in the pool had been in there a while and should be leaving soon. She went on to say that if we were to find ourselves alone in the pool/tub room that we would be free to do as we pleased, since other guests have done it before. She even said the only camera is outside the door and only sees up to the door but not into the pool area.  

After the family left I checked around and the coast was clear. Under the bubbles i removed my paper suit and felt the warm water caressing me the way hot tubs were designed (at least in my mind!) .

It was about 3 minutes later, when a member of the hotel staff came in to clean the area and take water samples. He made small talk with us and walked around the pool. He never left sight of us for longer than 10 seconds, and I was not able to replace my ever so fragile disposable suit. He then came over to the edge of the tub and took his water sample all while I was still without garments being on.

He left for about 1 minute. I replaced my suit and got out to jump into the cool pool for a bit. He finally left and said happy holidays (as if he was saying, "goodbye I will not be back").

As I went to remove my suit again I ripped the side of it. About a 4 inch gash right down the side. We enjoyed the piece and quiet for about 10 more minutes when a brother and sister entered the area and made way to the pool room door. Oh great, I need to quickly cover up again????

No this time I would remain unclothed, since they were staying in the pool and more than likely not coming into the HOT tub. After another 10 minutes or so, we decided to get out and head back to our room.  I watched their game of swimming under water for the longest and timed it just right. As they went down under the water to swim across the length of the pool, I jumped out, over to my towel and robe and slipped it on before they broke the surface.

Walking back to the locker rooms the woman behind the desk asked how it went? I responded with a raised hand filled with my disposable suit and a smile on my face! She smiled back. :)

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Dec 13, 2009