Lost Naked Bet.

My wife and I went out for a meal at a country pub and enjoyed the meal, she was drinking and I was driving earlier that day I had lost a bet and she said this was the time for me to pay up. We got in the car and she told metro *****, which I did thinking I was driving home naked. She said I had run twice round the car in the car park. I agreed and got out of he car and started to run around the car, at that time she locked the doors and turned on the headlights. She said I had to **** in front of the car, I tried to make her open the car but she was not having any of it. I went to the front of he car and started wanking. At that point a group of 5 girls walked out of the pub so I ran to the door of the car to get in. My wife said no way you have to finish off first. I begged her to let me in but se wouldn't. I went back to the front of the car and started to **** once more, the girls were cheering and whistling so my wife told me to turn and face them, so i did. My wife was laughing and really enjoying it. I came all over the floor and as I did so the girls all cheered. I heard the car unlock and could not get in quick enough. I started the car and drove off quickly, I said to my wife ill get. Back for that......and I did
Daleyho Daleyho
31-35, M
Jan 19, 2013