Nye Naked Drunkeness

So I work in a restaurant and was obviously working New Years Eve. After work we all went to a bar near to work and then to a friends apartment.
We all got very drunk and were taking advantage of the restaurant being closed the next day.
At about 8am our host made it clear she was ready to sleep and we should start to think about leaving.
I was still in the mood to party and invited everyone to my place about a 10 min walk away.
Only 1 person was up for it, a chef whom I am not particularly close to but hey ho off we went.
When we got to mine I poured the drinks and we started to chat. I'm gay and single he is very straight macho guy in a long distance relationship.
We started to talk about all sorts and some how got on to body hair. He said he was proud to be a natural hairy guy but didn't like having back hair.
I feel the same way and I told him I use a spray on cream and shower to keep smooth. I showed him the tin and to my surprise he asked if he could have a go. So a few seconds later he ******** to his boxers and I was spraying him with the cream.
As I was in need of a smooth up I asked him to return the favour. After 5 mins of contact time I told him to get in the shower and rinse off. He went for it not closing the door but stripping down in front of me. When he got out he stood completely naked in front of me and asked me to rub off the remaking hairs. I went next but slightly more modestly stood with my back to him and when I got out cupped my **** in my hands.
As he was rubbing my back he asked why I was so shy and as a was so drunk I told him quite bluntly that I was embarrassed by the size of my ****.
I'm about 1" flaccid.
He giggled a bit and said not to be silly.
After another minute or so he stopped rubbing and he left the room. I wrapped a towel around myself and followed him through to my living room. He was still naked and rolling himself a cigarette.
We started to chat like we were before ignoring the fact he was naked. We started to play a game of trivial pursuit and noting was said.
Later I stood up and went to the toilet, when I returned he was sat trying to take a naked self pic infront of my window. (I live on the 33rd floor and have amazing city views) I offered to help and took the pic, as I was showing him the pic for his approval he grabbed my towel and told me not to be shy.
He was definitely shocked to see how small I was and didn't say anything. I was embarrassed but thought well, it's done now, he's seen me there is no point in trying to hide.
He sat down and he txt his girlfriend the picture I'd taken. We continued our game for about 10 mins in relative silence then he just came out with it and said "what do you do with a **** that small?"
I explained it does grow to about 4.5" and I have learnt to deal with it. We started to chat about sexual experiences good and bad.
His girlfriend txt back saying how much she loved the pic but wanted to know who had taken it. He told her and then took me by surprise and grabbed a snap of me naked. He txt it to her straight away. I was mortified. She sent a message back saying "bless him"
They were texting away talking about my little **** and we were just sat here naked in my living room playing trivial pursuit with this big brut of a chef that I hardly new. I started to get aroused and the little fella grew to attention. When he noticed I stood up so he would see, he noticed alright and commented that although it was still small he couldn't believe how much it had grown. I let him take another pic and txt it to his gf.
He asked me to return the favour and started to yank his **** after a few mins he to was hard. I took several pics for him to txt off. At about 1pm he announced he should go home and get some sleep. We were still naked so he got dressed and left, I had a great **** over the whole experience. As he was walking home he txt me the pics he had taken of me and said they were blackmail material. This worried me a bit that he would share them at work but about 15 mins after that he txt me the pics I had taken of him so I guess we are even ish although his are a lot more complementary than the ones of me.
The next time we worked together we didn't say a lot other than how rough we felt and how much we'd drunk.
During the shift he txt me again the pic of my tiny **** and before I could get to the kitchen to beg him to not share it I got a txt from an unrecognised number saying 'I think it's really cute, don't worry your secret is safe with us' turns out it was his girlfriend and when we chatted later he showed me that she had blurred out my face and posted them on her blog.
At first I was upset but now I quite like the idea that all her friends and family will have seen me naked. Especially as I'm now invited to the wedding in the summer!!!
scotiboi scotiboi
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013