My Exp On May 3rd

I am Ushit  . It is my greatest pleasure and privilege to report my victory to my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda and heartfelt thanks to GOHONZON on this auspicious occasion of May 3rd.

Gosho says “A woman who devotes herself to the GOHONZON invites happiness in this life and in the next, the GOHONZON will be with her and protect her always like a lantern in the dark, like a strong supporting arm on the treacherous path, GOHONZON will protect you, lady Nichinoyo wherever  you go.”

These Gosho lines moved in my life. I have been practicing this noble philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism since last 5 months. Prior that I was a short tempered, aggressive and stubborn lady. My life was full of dreams. I used to think to do this and that to fulfill my desires .But practically I didn’t have the courage and strength to face the reality of life which made my life miserable and so as others.

In the mean time I have encountered  Nam-myoho-renge-kyo the mystic law of cause and effect, which helped me take a U turn in my life .I have introduced to this law through one of my friend, who is really a bodhisattva for me. The day I encountered Gohonzon And attending Gakkai meeting was really wonderful for me. I got a ray of hope to change my karma. As Nichiren Daishonin says “Something uncommon occur when an ordinary person attains buddhahood , the three obstacles and four devils will invariably appear. And the wise will rejoice and the foolish will retreat.”

Within few days my husband faced an severe road accident in last week of dec 2009.Thanx to The Gohonzon his life was saved. But he got infection due to exposure of the bone at the accident spot . Drs advised for immediate operation that could only done in CTC.I have informed my Gakkai members and run to CTC. They  encouraged me not to loose hope and chant day and night for his quick recovery and absolute cure. They also supported me through their daimoku. The operation was successful. But due to infection he was kept under observation for more days in the Hospital. Drs advised the leg will plastered only after the infection was vanished. He discharged from Hospital after two weeks but still the infection was there.

After two months of my husband’s operation the infection was still there. Lying on the bed  all the time his life was become painful and bored. I was constantly contact with my Gakkai members. I took guidance from my seniors. I have been advised to increase my daimoku ,do more human revolution and be determine to win. I followed these guidance wholeheartedly,  Each day I used to study my mentors guidance .I felt as sensei is chanting with me encouraging me not to lose hope and to move forward for final victory.

Sensei says “In all things patience is the key to victory. Those who can’t endure can’t hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forbear.” With these guidelines of my mentor I started doing vigorous daimoku, attended every single Gakkai  meeting, learned gongyo and visited members who are really suffering. This was the really turning point of my life. Everything started working positively. Here my husband’s role was great. He supported me like anything to practice this philosophy.

Due to health challenge of my husband for more than 3 months some financial constraint also occurred. To avoid that I took the determination no matter what he will rejoin his office before April..See the power of this mystic law and the grace of The GOHONZON his leg was plastered and he had joined and attend his office regularly. Things are  really changing now.

Now I am reporting to The GOHONZON and my mentor yes I am victorious.

Through this practice I am now in the process of human revolution by lessening my negative attitudes, better understanding for everyone and try to create hope in my life as well as others.   By chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I am getting more wisdom to handle my day to day life. Now I sincerely pray for the happiness of all others who had hurt me and of whom I get disheartened.

I pray for better understanding of this mystic law and can involve myself to Gakkai activities more than ever to support my beloved  mentor.

Lastly From the bottom of my heart I pay sincere thanks to Gohonzon and Buddhist Gods and Deities who is always protecting me at each moment of life. Thank you, Sensei, for being with me all the time and helping me to understand this law correctly. Thanks to all my precious members and leaders for supporting me all the way. Today I feel overwhelmed to be a part of Soka gakkai.

I determine no matter what I will follow this mystic law and my mentor Ikeda sensei throughout my life and strengthen my faith, practice and Study more than ever.
Thank You.

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grt m inpired more.thnks for sharing this

I was the member when I was in Delhi use to chat a lot!! Since I came to gulf I got lost in touch, however I started chanting again!! But as I don't have much time so I chant while driving in the morning evening n before sleeping!! I m not sure I m doing the correct thing!! I cannot joine the organization due to personsal reasons!! Can someone advice!!

Congratulations! You have begun a great new period of your life! I am so happy for you! You have such a pure heart and such a strong determination. You are surely a Boddhisatva of the earth who has practiced for many lifetimes! It makes me so happy to see you fully embracing this practice. It will be a great benefit for you and every single person you know...and in fact, the entire universe! I lead a District in the Chicago area, and nothing makes me happier than the success of my fellow members. I chant with them and help them to he their happiest selves! Have you written to President Ikeda to tell him your experience? I hope so. I have a blog called There are many encouraging passages on it. I wish you the very best. It sounds like you have a lot of support where you are (where is that) but I would be happy to support you in any way I can. GO YOU!!!! Jamie