I Am Giving Up Chanting

Hi ,my name is not important .
I moved to Malaysia 6 months back . Everything was normal for 2-3 months . Since 2011 dont ask about my situation .
Lot of emotional stress from everywhere . I started screwing up my job . Now it is at point where i will be fired too .
The situation in home is also not good , Everything is falling into pieces .

Well this is the issue for now .

My parents have been chanting since last 20 years . I too started chanting in january 2011 , but the situation started going from bad to worse .

I have been labelled the stupid person in the company now . I am mentally tired with everything .

Hope there is some light on my personnel world , then I think I can trust Gohonzon again .
ganeshkashinath ganeshkashinath
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Hi All..started practicing 1985. Dealing with bipolar is a hellish ride. Very difficult to chant consistently..ofte headaces, depression, rather sleep. Blessed to have money, but it is curse too because I'm not forced to work and go into isolation and wallowing, then really hard to be in public. I used to chant at least daily, and during dysfunctional 2 year relationship we did gongyo every day. But that ended, now I've been skipping weeks at a time. And yes so miserable..started again yesterday and did get immediate actal proof. Skipped commitments again today, so bad because I don't see mom much, she's 85 so lots of guilt that I'm not enjoying her more often. Reading your posts encouraged me so trying to redetermine. Sadly pretty disillusioned with meetings..same experience as that other post..same info every meeting, not really fighting for suffering members. Trying to chant apart from meetings. Hope someone sees this, I see posts are old. Thank you.

Why don't you think that by chatting this all the clutter and negative aspects of your life are getting cleared up.. Before you give up think that this is the way you will be able to reverse your negative karma and get your negative aspects out of your life... Or maybe ur faith is being tested.. Never give up in trying times you never know this is for a bigger and a better purpose in life.. Keep chanting have faith

Successful chanting must accompany with your daily practices of loving and kindness. Practicing 10 wholesome actions are the key factors beside chanting in order to fulfil your hope and wishes . Ask yourself : Are you being kind and compassion toward your family member, your fellow colleague ? Ask yourself .. is your chanting purely hope for your personal gain and reward OR chant for all suffering people in the World ( keep in mind .. all human are in suffering condition on certain stage in life ) ? If chanting is for the selfish gains, then your will not gain the power of "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Tell you a winning factor : Do charity works as well as don't put blames toward others. Accept our mistakes and change it to be better. Read more Buddha teaching books. Buddha teaching is a way of life - you will learn to view life difference and gain happiness. Buddha teaching is not about Magic Power ...

Ask yourself, did you chant "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" for your own selfish gain ?

ganeshkashinath: it has been 4 years since you posted your story. What has happened with you? I too feel the same way you do. I am losing faith after 8 months of dedication and chanting. No improvement in my life that I can see and I can not continue indefinitely like this.

You lost your faith because you are chanting for instant selfish reward ( Is like you hope to strike the Lottery ). I suggest you to read and watch Buddha Dharma teaching to understand what is KARMA. By Chanting alone cannot gain you a better life. Is it through your actions - Loving and Kindness toward others. Good deeds harvest Happiness. Bad deeds harvest Unhappiness.

chant om namo bhagavate vasudevaya! 1008 times a day. he protects all. If one keeps their mind on him, he does not make you suffer to pay back for your past karma.

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Hello, i have been into the practice for 8-9 yrs now. i have had many victories also. But since past one year my life has turned upside down , don't even want to describe my painful experience:(the worst nightmare came true, but still there are so many dreams in my heart and i want to fulfill them not just for my own self but to deepen faith of so many others like me out there ,so that all of us experience the POWER OF THIS UNIVERSAL LAW which has infinite power just while glancing through these posts i can relate to every point that you all wonderful bodhisattva's have mentioned.
So lets STOP complaining, make the most of what we have right now right here wherever you are on this lovely magical planet, LETS ALL OF US STOP USING OUR OWN LOGICAL MIND, OUR STRATERGIES AND APPLY THE STRATERGY OF THE LOTUS SUTRA""..as Nichiren guides us... DECIDE CHANT ACT..make this your new motto,
keep a target daimoku (1 million or whatever suits your hearts content)
most importantly chant with CONVITION, like everyday we don't question will the sun rise , will the moon show up , do we ??? no , because we know it will , Nam myohorenge kyo is such a powerful chant i have had earlier experiences of mine where i had victories, lets chant with 100% conviction that our prayers are registered in the universe , and offer appreciation to the universe that its already happened, because our problems our very small things for gohonzon, Gohonzon wants to give us an ocean of water , we chant for only a bucket of water.... ur choice ..!!! This is my determination . Lets all of us renew our determinations , and channelize our energies towards growth prosperity success an all the good in this mystical Universe .Ultimately it depends on US, our responsibility how much we tap the power of the infinite. LOVE TO ALL. I BOW TO THE BUDDHA IN ALL OF YOU #respect #Thankyou for your wonderful views and opinions *NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO *

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Nichiren Daishonin states, A sword is useless in the hands of a coward. It basically means, if you stop, you lose. I have been a member of the SGI for 40 years and have overcome alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty, TB, major injury, and many other things in my life. It took me 25 years to overcome these things. The point of practicing is to overcome your negativity and karma and show actual proof of the Gohonzon's power. What is the greatest gift in one's life? Appreciation. Show appreciation for what you have and you will start winning in daily life. I promise! Tell the Gohonzon you must win and you will!

You are experiencing the effects of causes you have made in the past. Chanting creates good effects and in many cases it must change the bad effects due for you from your past causes. However, these effects will be of less intensity and will appear sooner than normal. For example, if you connect a garden hose that has been sitting submerged in a dirty muddy swamp for the past few years and suddenly connect the hose to the spigot and turn on fresh pure water (which is also pressurized) as you turn on the spigot, then you will see all the muddy, ugly debris come spewing out of the hose. Do not drink the water until it runs pure. If you stop the running water before that, all you will see is the debris and you will never get the benefit of pure cold clear water to drink or water your lawn. In the same way, if you keep practicing sincerely (and follow the lead of the person who introduced you), you will see many benefits. I have seen many proofs in the past 45 years of my practice with the SGI-USA and with President Ikeda of the SGI.

see would like to say when u chant or when u start chanting first thing happens all the negative people or person (who might me every thing for u but u never know future but universe knows it ur icinin knows it ) slowly slowly goes away with pain or happiness let u know Ur weakness if u identify then at right time u are winner u are able to identify there only see what have u written the victory the solution are there in Ur MSG its like water when water flows from pipe which was not used from years first it will take out mug sediments then fresh water starts frowning have patience have faith hope . our mentors or gods like Buddha, Jesus , Mohammad .....shiv, Vishnu, nichiren has also struggled hard persecution trying make others happy why giving up there own life in front of them our problems are nothing they have shrived hard to make us just pray chant whatever best is for me will come . and i will be happy making others life happy .friend u are getting forged like sword when its hammered into the fire for making it as sharp as possible and once its sharp then u will be able to cut u problems at one go

I was just called to look up this chant and found this story. I believe you may have been experiencing the eye of the storm. Researching this chant it seems to bring challenges to surface so one can triumph against them. There are many other chants to call upon for assistance. Maybe a different one to help through immediate challenges and come back to this one, or chant another along with this one, such as one that calls upon Kali, a fear vanishing chant. Get into a meditation chant class such as Kundalini as well. This has help me enormously. I will start this chant and experience how it goes. Don't give up!! Finding, creating and keeping peace is not an easy task. <3

I resisted for a long time also... PLEASE chant - when it gets really really bad, chant, it can and will even get worse after you chant; although you cant see it or feel it at that moment, you are actually clearing it out and it is going to change and become better for you - I know it cause I was once at that place -- Chant and ask for world peace and ask for your total complete 100% victory over the desire and fear that is blocking you!

and one more thing...I am a random reader from a random search living in Los Angeles, moved from NYC a year ago... that the universe has brought us all on this blog to support you and say Nam-myoho-renge-kyo...the way to awaken one's Buddha nature and tap into the deepest levels of our existence, on which our own lives and that of the universe are one.


I started chanting a while ago after finding Daimoku through a random person on a long plane ride. Things have been excellent since practicing, but my strongest meditations / sessions came when I struggled hard for six months with everything in life.

I felt I had failed, that my life was going to be ruined or just extremely difficult for too long to bear. I remember thinking what value everything I did had, nothing seemed to be working or cracking open. I kept chanting, sometimes less and sometimes more, but I continued and prayed for me to find a better life.

Today I am a very happy person who constantly thanks the Gohonzon and the Universe for its greatness, and what I want to say to you is: we must all fight our own battles, Daimoku cannot fight them for us, but it is our devotion to everything that the Daimoku and the power of the Universe represent that will give us the spark and the courage to chase something better - to improve ourselves and our lives from our own will, encouraged and supported by the love of the Lotus Sutra.

Stay strong, keep faith, and work hard. Things will happen eventually, and every single day until then is a necessary experience to make you understand the value of your future happiness. Believe. It will come.

With love,
- A random reader from a random Google search somewhere in Hong Kong :)

also i was chanting some years ago and then one fine day i decided to give it up due to some circumstances but now after two years i again felt like chanting and this time i want to stick to it for life! please guide me! also my grandmother is very ill, please chant for her recovery!

please pray and chant for my grandmother, she's very ill and serious!

This is your test of faith -winters which will turn to spring definitely with your faith.you are dealing with your karmas which have surfaced to be defeated with your strong conviction and faith in practice.this is the time when you have to show to your members and and people around that you are a votary of lotus sutra and nothing can let you down and you will emerge victorious.you have to have faith and your pure faith can even move mountains..all the best and you are the chosen one to spread this law with your practice so chant like roar of a lion and no obstacles will be a hurdle for you.

sometimes u will find that things don't go to da way u hope,bt evrythng that happns has meaning

I can only say that if you are on the right path, striving for better, and things seem to be getting worse, maybe you aren't in the right place... maybe you should consider where you might fit better...

Dear Bodhisatvas, I'm Rahul from Bangalore India, I have been in this wonderful philosophy since 3 years. I was introduced by one of my close friends. thanks to her. My family is passing through a deep health karma, my brother 24 years old is a maniac bypolar disorder patient since 6 years. Doctor has advised him to take medications to keep his mental state normal but since one month he has stopped consuming tablets this is worrying us a lot in future he should succumb to violent behavior. every day he keeps talking nonsense things parents are having sleepless nights. I care a lot about him but till date my prayers have not been answered for him. How I can pray for him so that he can come back to his normal state like us, chant like us, enjoy life us, think normal like us. we are living with fear each day. even my practice has taken a back seat, I'm not getting any clarity on how to transform my brother life when I can see him being happy and normal person. not getting what should I seek before gohonzon, I always used to keep all mentally ill children and I used to pray for their happiness and faster recovery and be a normal person in the world, but none of my prayers being answered. some times I feel like commtting suicide because I cannot tolerate pain and struggle which I'm seeing since many years they are worried a lot about my brothers health.

I request all members to pray for my brothers ultimate happiness, and ultimate happiness of my parents who have scarified thier life for all of us. now I want see being them happy and healthy and peaceful life for rest of their life.

Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

Don't give up Rahul. My name is Ken. One of the things I did not tell everyone about in one of my posts here is that I also have been manic bipolar all my life. I have been through drugs, alcohol, poverty, tuberculosis, severe injury, child abuse, and the story goes on. But you know what, you cannot save your brother or change is karma. Only he can do that. You can encourage him to chant and maybe even share my story with him. It tool me 25 years to change my life. Fifteen years ago I was living on poverty wages. Now I am earning $85,000 a year. The key is to not give up for any reason. We have no idea how good or bad our karma is. We just have to have faith that the Gohonzon will see us through it and help us realize that nature of our own lives so that we can change it. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is definitely the most expedient means of overcoming one's own negative karma. I am 100% convinced of this. Nichiren states that if we continue to chant thoughout our lives, all righteousness will be proven. Keep going and encourage your brother no matter what. PS My brother has terminal cancer and he has already lived two years beyond the survival rate of stage 4 renal cell cancer.

Hi Rahul,

I reside near Whitefield, Bangalore.

I feel your pain and anguish. I will definitely pray for you and your family.

Are you aware of any group in Bangalore or shall we create our own group where we can meet and chant together?



Hi Sammeer, thanks your solidarity, Well I'm glad that you took time to read my post and replied. I work in ITPL, whitefield. Kindly note down my contact number 99861 44556. We will meet and chant towards happiness of all SGI members.

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I too have had severe faith loss in the last week or so. Life came crashing down around me and the determination i had to eliminate drugs from my life has not come to fruition. I started a 3 hour a day diamoku campaign and within a week i was a dribbling wreck. I do suffer with my hormones but my own negativity and weakness is just too strong. I have just today done gongyo and a half hour , trying to gain back some ground . I know the key is just to trust my life and keep going but honestly I look around some of the long term members around me and I am not really very inspired. There is a lot of dysfunctionality and some pretty serious negative issues. Not a great deal of support is given although a lot of lip service is paid to it. I am very fed up with the whole thing but i will keep on chanting for now. Perhaps my negative attititude will change. I hope so.<br />
fluffy yoda

don't lose hope.for big victories u hav to hav face big challenges.keep chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

dear fluffyyoda i really wanna tell u that don't lose hope.for big victories u hav to hav face big challenges.keep chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.i also xperianced same thng bt after few tym i got positive responce

Fluffy Yoda -- its August and I just caught this blog - i hope you are chanting -- I had similar issues with the peeps when i joined -- almost walked away my self -- DONT WALK AWAY -- chant chant chant --- this works... Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the way to awaken one's Buddha nature and tap into the deepest levels of our existence, on which our own lives and that of the universe are one... this is your journey, ignore the negative people and the ones who are in fear....they will also join you soon enough but YOU must keep chanting and it with flip and change and your life is a happy place

Don't give up Yoda! I was an addict for 25 years. May I offer a suggestion? I finally broke the bond of addiction when I chanted to find the reason for my suffering and it was real. When I was 3 years old, I was abandoned by my mother. This is an age when most children become bipolar. It runs in my family...family karma. Anyway, I realized one night when I was chanting that I needed forgive my mother and forgive myself. Once I did that, the drugs were literally gone the next day. It was a very moving experience to say the least. Ask the Gohonzon to help you find the root cause of your suffering and then chant about it. Forgive yourself for destroying your own life and forgive the person that gave you this suffering in your life.

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resolve to be the sun....when there is darkness all around..you be the sun who illuminates the world around. nam myoho renge kyo:)

Don't give up ! keep chanting ! U will be victorious ! we all also praying for u !

This is just a test of how much you really want to see true change in your life. I too wanted to give up during the first few years of my chanting. I am glad I did not stop chanting because I would have regretted it. I went through tough times and landed in the hospital several times due to sickness and stress. I even lost my job because of it, There was even a time where I blamed the Gohonzon and almost gave up but because I continued to chant despite my struggles. As a consequence I realized my errors. It was my own negative attitude and my lack of gratitude that was my worst enemy. Not to mention I was not taking responsibility for my own life. I am a lot happier, wiser and healthier now. Just try to chant consistenlty and when you have doubts always seek help from someone more experienced. And remember consistency is key. What defeats us is our own negative attitude and lack of faith in ourselves. also remember that for good fortune to enter our lives we must be willing to allow negativities to be eliminated from our lives. Persever and do not let your own negativities defeat you. And check your consistency in chanting and try to see if your gongyo is perfect.How we practice affects our lives direclty.

Dear Ganesh,<br />
<br />
What you are going through is a devilish drawbacks and these are challenges you need to accept in order to rise yourself to another level of your life. Keep chanting. Pray for your own happiness and pray for your bosses, the people who you work with and see the magic. Things will definitely turn around and Gohonzon will definitely send you the happiness you deserve. :)

Hello!<br />
Congratulations on accepting this Buddhist practice. Believe or not even in this day it is extremely rare to hear Nam-Myo-Renge-Kyo or even chant it. In the beginning it may seem like a small thing, but in reality it is very important. To me it's kind of like breathing, which can seem like a small thing because we do it automatically but no one would disagree that even a few moments without air would be the difference between life and death. <br />
<br />
The fact that you have begun your own practice is extremely noteworthy. I understand that work can be challenging, but please do not give up. When you chant in front of the Gohonzon resolve that you be the best employee that you can possibly be and that you will win no matter what. The key is changing yourself by letting your Buddha nature emerge. Once you change yourself, circumstances will begin to change around you. <br />
<br />
Remember to focus on the basics of faith, practice and study. Be courageous! I know you will win.