Struggling Through..

i am not a practitioner but some friend of mine told me about this practice when i was facing the darkest hour of my life. Till today my miseries have not ended up and i feel like ending up my life when i get so low and frustrated with things.

I want to accumulate good fortune in my life,i want to rise up my life condition,and grow in faith.That is why i have joined this group as i want to make friends who are practicing ,seeking guidance and encouragement from them so that i must not give up chanting, also i want to help others. 
there is something i want to achieve .....this is the big suffering that i am having from past one year...and its high time i want to overcome it.
this would be my first break through--a major one.....

i chant alone...sometimes it seems monotonous and i become complacent ...but at that very time something real bad happens in my life.....:(
aiisha aiisha
18-21, F
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Hi Aisha,

Please determine , no matter wot , I am going to be victorious . Once you determine and set tragets how much will you chant and read and very soon you will observe the change in your situation.

hey dnt give up have faith and keep chanting..sensei alwaz says" not evn a single diamoku go waste" ...never gv uo..have a doubt free chanting..perseverance parsevarance and persevarance is key to victory...chant happily....;))

I send you my support and happiness and carry on chanting no matter I struggle similars things like you

Hi Aiisha, I hope I can be there to chant with you. Wherever you are, it is helpful (in fact, crucial) to find friends of faith. These friends of faith keeps you on the right track, especially when our inner devils come knocking on our door. All of us have our own share of low-life conditions. Keep chanting anyway. It is good to know that you want to help others. I see that you want to help others to be happy. Set this as your goal. Put this in your prayers. Determine to be the happiest person in the universe, in your community, so you can lead others to happiness as well. That of course doesn't come without struggles and challenges. Struggles are necessary for you to grow. Struggles are necessary for you to demonstrate the power of the mystic law. Without struggles, there can be no actual proof.

Take responsibility for your life. See the problems that you are facing now as your bad karmas. They are like stubborn fats. Stubborn fat don't go away easily. So be patient with it (your patience will pay off when the time is right). Burn it away with Nam myoho renge kyo and accumulate good fortunes.

It has been one year since your post, hope you are doing fine now.

Hello Hoshichan,
It is extremely compassionate of you to reply to my post even after one year. I am so thankful to you. Also, i am lucky to know about the law, as well as been able to talk to people following it, and hear a word of the guidance. This law, has always given me insurmountable courage and wisdom to be strong, and overcome any kind of difficulty. The line "There is no knotty problem , that can not be solved." echoes in my mind, and am living it every single day. I face many obstacles, like just before an important exam, things would conjure up where i am disturbed mentally and not able to focus on studies.
These are the times, when i challenge myself, that no matter what may happen, i have to achieve it . I am leading a happy life today thanks to the wonderful law and members in practice, who were just there with me always. The problems which were 100 % earlier have reduced to 1 %. But they still are there, which i am going to challenge and exhaust myself to be able to transform my karma. I have a relationship karma.
But I am glad to tell you, i am in the way of overcoming it.

Thank you again for replying. Take care .Nam Myoho Renge Kyo